Saturday, January 31, 2015

Cold? What cold? Oh that cold.

So there's more snow heading this way on Super Bowl Sunday. That's ok. I don't really have to go anywhere until Tuesday. I did have to go to CVS to pick up a prescription. This should not be a big production. There was only one other person there. I was there 2 days before and it was the same scenario, only 1 other person waiting. That day I waited for about 9 minutes and was never acknowledged. Their counter is divided into 3 sections. 1 to place an order, 1 for consultation and 1 for pick-up. The flaw in this set up is that there's nobody at these stations. There were 2 women behind the counter. You could see the tops of their heads, hear chatter and the sound of pills rattling around. I was getting a little testy. I wanted to say something but instead I just walked out. After getting another one of their annoying phone calls about picking up my prescription, I knew I had to go because I don't want to go out tomorrow save for going next door to watch the football game.

So I went in again today. I waited about the same amount of time until someone finally came over. I didn't say anything but I am considering shifting back to Osco. They aren't quite as close by but things always went more smoothly there.

CVS is like Dunkin' Donuts. They are all over the place around here. There are 10 Dunkin' Donuts in my city alone and we are not a big city, about 58,000. Their coffee is fine but the donuts are on a par with supermarket donuts which means the are low on the donometer readings. The small independent shops all offer superior donuts. Donuts are one of the few luxuries I allow myself. I get one when I go to work. A honey dipped cruller. Fortunately I don't work more than 3 days.

It's about 9 degrees, and that's here in my man cave (Insert rim shot here). The wind is gusting to 30-40 mph. Once again I congratulate the public works people for doing a great job on the roads. I was out for about an hour this morning and all the roads I drove on were down to bare pavement. Still there is plenty of snow piled up with more on the way. Maybe even another 12 inches.

Last night Arlene and I talked about our up trip to you know where at the end of May. We also talked about alternatives places to go. New Hampshire has many places all of which are within a 3 hour drive. New Hampshire is a beautiful place. I don't see myself ever boarding a plane again and that's fine with me though in fantasy I would like to back to Washington D.C. and to London.

That wind is howling out there so I go back in my mind, to the beach at Oak Bluffs at sunrise. It could be 65 degrees which sounds tropical compared to today. It's quiet except for the lapping of the waves. That's what we talked about last night, the week of our little trip. That's still about 3 months away.
That's a plastic stool saving a parking space.

That flag has been straight out all day. 

I guess it's time to find something else to do. There's always something to do.

I'm outta here.


  1. That nasty snow is predicted here for tonight through 9 pm tomorrow night. 9 - 11 inches, more around Chicago where my son lives. I am sick of winter. I want to see a sunny warm 70 degree day so that I can go for a walk.
    Tell Arlene hi and enjoy your doughnut. I would love to be able to chew one.

  2. I finally found the flag. It was like finding Waldo. I would have spoken up at the pharmacy, but that's me. Glad you got yer meds in time for the superbowl. I deleted my blog. I may bring it back. Don't get buried in snow!

  3. Blessings...
    Yesterday was a biter
    i made the fatal mistake of not checking the weather
    out i go and my fingers are frozen in my gloves by the time i reach the bus stop
    it was a three pants day and i only had on two.
    it was minus 22
    lucky i had the presence of mind to wear boots.

    there is no excuse for bad customer service.

  4. I had to change pharmacys because of ins. and CVS was one of the options. I chose Walgreens even though a littl farther. From you description, I'm glad I did. Though there's is set up so you can't always see customers if working in the shelves. I loved where I went. You could always see the workers and pharmacist and they treated you great. AND--it was closest of all.

    Had some snow already and more coming. The wind is beginning to show it's ugly face. I'm over winter already, and it really hasn't been bad here this year.

  5. Gosh they sure did a great job , the pictures showing the stool made me laugh.
    Maybe you should lay on the floor and coughed violently ! or maybe not.
    Enjoy your gorgeous Dunken Doughnuts with Arlene . The only place I can get those is Heathrow Airport and central London.
    Enjoy your week and stay warm .
    The Xmas tree did have a root Paul.

  6. Had to smile. Yup. I know where.

  7. More snow coming today - tonight - and tomorrow. It's winter! I would have called out at the pharmacy, "Is anybody home?" I'm bolder than you.

  8. Boston Boy, Sounds like you are planning your trip. I know you and Arlene love that trip...who wouldn't . You are getting to be regulars there at the Vineyard. Wow, you have way more snow than we do. Our ground was clear for this snow. It's Sunday, snowed a little last night and today...then turned to rain,, that helps melt the snow...but oh my gosh it's foggy. Take care when going out. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  9. Yeah you guys are hit over and over and over. I still remember a blog you did after we came here to Google with a video of your getting to work. I loved that video. Because I like seeing here people are and how they do what they do..and just little harmless items like that, that fill out the personality of the blogger.

  10. Blessings.....
    Monday February 2 was so much snow that maneuvering through it was no easy thing. I was as graceful as an elephant on 7 inch heels with an up even gait. The only thing that saved the day is when i text my boss letting her know of the public transportation delays she granted me the opportunity to work from home.