Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Went to the auto show

Sunday was a nice day. Warm for the time of year but a bit windy. The Auto Show was in town and my friend Dave and I went. We are both car guys but in different ways. He was more interested under the hood than I was, though I have a passing interest in horsepower and the like. I like them as styling statements. Design, innovation and blah blah blah. I just like cars. I made a slideshow of the pictures I took. I put fragments of tunes I recorded  on my own. It was a bit of a hobby. A hobby I haven't participated in since 1999. My little 4 track tape recorder broke and that was that. I ended up buying a more modern digital recorder but it was more complicated and I just let it go. I'm trying to do it again. I'm out of practice. I listened to some of the old stuff for some inspiration. I'm giving it another shot with the extra free time I now have. Besides, it's fun. What I put on the slide show are just snippets. Some I wouldn't play completely because only a few people would know who I was talking about and there could be, and I'm just saying could be, some offensive language. A snippet from the beginning of one, a guitar solo from another. Something that I made up as I went along, and a song about this guy who worked in the bakery dept. which was right next to my dept. Leonardo was from some Latin country, I can't remember which one. He was a good guy and a good worker, unfortunately he neither spoke or understood English very well.

A lady went up to him and asked if he could write on a cake. He replied, having totally misunderstanding her, "I do."
She was clearly suspicious of this and asked again making a writing gesture above the cake. He suddenly realizes what she said and replied, "I don't do."

This inspired the Latin flavored tune "I do, I don't do." Those are the lyrics. They are badly recorded and it's just a bit from the beginning, that's all.

I make no great claims as a musician. I just did it and am trying to do again. Besides it's fun.

The two pictures below were taken as we drove home over the Zakim Bridge. They are also in the slideshow. I just like them.

Y'ever wonder why nobody names their kids Ichabod anymore?
I'm outta here


  1. Boston Boy, I know you fellow loved the car show and enjoyed yourselves. I used to love to go to those and the Kruise car auctions in Northern Indiana. Wouldn't you love to just have any car you wanted. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. Cars of today don't impress me at all. I like your "road trip" pictures better. I do wonder why nobody names their kids Aurelius, though. That was my maternal grandfather's name. He was called "Real."

  3. Oh love to hear your music! I don't, I mean I DO! LOL! That bridge is something else and those huge buildings! I am glad to hear you are playing with the recorder again. I am borrowing my sons guitar and hope I can still play. Have a great week my friend. Thankyou for visiting my blog. You always give me a chuckle. Oh, why don't parents use the name "Ralf" anymore?

  4. Good to hear you enjoyed the car show , cool video.
    Bridges this one is awesome , good to hear you are playing your music again. cheers.

  5. You know that bridge has fascinated from the time it was started till it was finished. I like your music.