Friday, January 9, 2015

Out of my mind. Back in 5 minutes.

Well I might end up going out of my mind if the Olympics come here. Boston was chosen as the U.S. city to compete against some real heavyweights like Paris, Rome and Budapest. On the one hand it's a feather in the cities cap. It could be exciting It'll be on the world stage. On the other hand for a densely populated city it's quite small. Where are you going to put all these people? The traffic is impossible to begin with, Big Dig or no Big Did. It was originally estimated to cost 2.5 billion and ended up costing 15 billion. That's a billion a mile. At least it was all federal money. Thanks America! But I digress.  My city will be affected because we have a hotel and it's only 5 miles into town. Of course all my ranting and raving won't affect what the outcome will be.

The final city won't be selected until 2017 and the actual Olympics won't be until 2024. By then if it does happen, I'm pretty sure I won't be working and I will just stay home.

It's funny (not in the ha ha sense) Arlene and I were just talking about readjusting to this life of part time work. The extra free time. We talked about traveling more besides just going to the island. We're not talking about flitting off to the west coast or the Bahamas or Europe. Local trips around New England. The absolute farthest distance would be a days drive. We could hit Upstate New York in a little over 3 hours. New Hampshire is the most appealing because it is close and we could be in the mountains in 3 hours. I don't ski but if I did it would be convenient. So maybe when the weather begins to warm we make spend a weekend or take day trips here or there. We did that until 3 years ago. After that we both just took two weeks off a year. Now there's a little more time. 
Someday I would like to go back to Washington D.C.  I went for a week back in the 80's and there is so much more that I didn't see. I did get to tour the White House. I don't think they do that anymore. 

All this talk about traveling is really just a way to pass the time on a cold winter night. It's about 15 degrees as I write this. The entire country is experiencing this cold weather. I do have to work 6 hours tomorrow but I will be out at 2 pm and home in plenty of time to watch the Patriots and the Ravens play. We will eat simply with some pizza and beer or wine. Arlene asked me what I would like to eat, knowing full well that what I would like and what I might get are two different things, and I suggested pizza. Home made pizza. I suggested green pepper and pepperoni. I might get that. 

So that's for now. I gotta go do...ah...something.
I'm outta here.
Now I'm really outta here.    


  1. The Olympics in my opinion will be a target if you will for the two groups of terror people. Paris right now is experiencing first hand and threats galore at us the west. I don't think people are cowards if they don't fly and some say don't let them scare you. Hell they do! Boston doesn't have the room to accommodate unless they ad on, again.
    I bet you have the protractor out and semi circled a mile radius on a map for trips. No? Look at when there's festivals or happenings to partake of. Jist sayin. It's below zero here and wind chill is way down there at the bottom of the barrel. Pizza sounds good. Have a good but warm weekend!

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  3. Boston Boy, I think that Frenchman is spam. LOL. When they send you ads, it's spam., in my book. You guys are freezing too. I am ready for a warm up. I know what you are saying...I have been to your town as a tourist...I can't imagine more people than I saw there. The traffic is tight to say the least. Have you and Arlene ever thought of a cruise??? It is the most food, entertainment, and fun for a reasonable price. To stop at a port cost extra to do excursions. But to get off the boat and walk around is free. Blessings to you and your friends , xoxo,Susie

  4. I suggest you and Arlene think about attending some of the county (agricultural) fairs. You know - the ones that exhibit bees making honey, ladies spinning alpaca wool, broom making workshops, vegetable and pie contests. Oh They have so much that you could see and learn about all in a day's trip in your area.

  5. I had the same thoughts when New York was hoping for the Olympics. I like the idea of day trips and need to make a list for the NYC area. I've been retired for over a year and have done some bigger trips, but want to explore the area, too.

  6. I think you and Arlene should plan a short trip to Illinois either in the spring or fall when the heart of the midwest is at its best. On the way here you could stop in Indiana and meet Susie. I am a straight shot (right in the heart of Illinois) from where she lives! Whatever you guys do, just have fun and take a minute each day to count your blessings. Beth