Tuesday, January 13, 2015

...we know return to our regularly scheduled program.

So it's last Saturday. I had to work a 6 hour shift. No big deal. There's a lull in the business, which was a bit unusual considering the looming New England Patriots playoff game. Anyway two customers come to the counter. I took one and my co-worker took the other. The gentleman asked for some roast beef to be cut fairly thick. I held up a slice and offered it to him. He took it and I continued to cut his order. He starts to cough and says he's choking. We all went into a mild panic. I offered him some water. He refused saying he couldn't breathe. I thought, "I have to try the Heimlich Maneuver." I had never done this and I didn't want to watch somebody die right in front of our eyes over a piece of roast beef. He came behind the counter. I got behind him hoping I that I would do it correctly. I put my arms around his upper waist grasp my fist and squeezed right under his rib cage, twice. He coughed it up. After all was said and done, my co-worker and I spent the next hour just vibrating. This store mana... oh wait, they're not managers any more, they're Directors. Anyway by the time the store director got there it was over. The other customer said to me something like, "Another angel went to heaven because of what you did."

I thanked him but am still puzzled over what he said. I know he meant well but maybe he said it wrong. If an angel goes to heaven doesn't that mean somebody died?

So that was that. I noticed over at Nookworm's blog, she likes to play with photo's. Enhance and change them in some way. They are like little works of art. I messed around with my photo/art program in the past. I mainly use it to clean up photo's. It's an and old out of date, Microsoft Digital Image. It's about 12 years old but it serves my purpose. I'm no techno geek. So after exchanging a couple of emails with her, I started to fool around with some of my own photos.

This is the original photo taken out in western Mass.

  I fooled around, added a bit of another photo and ended up with this.

Then there was this down at the local lakes.

It became this.

Then things got a little weird. I couldn't find the original, but this one went through several versions.

This picture became...

 ...became this...  
... then this... 

...then this.

This tranquil scene got silly. It became something that could be titled "Tragedy at the Swan Races". 

See what you started Nookworm!
Well it's getting late and we old folks need our rest. Nurse....nurse!

I'm outta here.
Go Patriots!


  1. Oh how fun. I like the swan-eels lol! Now you or Nook make me wanna try. How wonderful you were able to help the man. I have done that twice and it sure is scary. I thought if a bell rings an angel gits it's wings. He meant well. Go Packers! heh heh.

  2. You did an excellent job with the Heimlich Maneuver! How good is it that you knew what was going on and how to help. I see you once got carried away with photo manips. Now you do understand how addictive they can be. I like the lily pad sunset!

  3. Forgot to tell you I really like your winter tree photo! I may snatch it??

  4. Ha I love the photo's what a wizard .
    Yes I also thought a Angel gets his wings when a bell rings. Wonderful Life lovely Movie , James Stewart .
    Enjoy your week.

  5. Hey Man...how you be? All is OK here.

  6. Boston Boy, You are a hero. You saved that man. I do know the angel thing's meaning either...I just think your co-worker meant well. Those pictures. I do not know how to do anything like that. I have seen some photos made to look like paintings, they are very good. Stay warm, I know you are having cold temperatures. Can you even believe it got up to almost 50 degrees today. Thankful for the sunshine. We are not to have so much of that this coming week. Blessings, and hello to Arlene. xoxo,Susie

  7. Congrats on saving a life. I have heard that saying before but never was really clear on the meaning.