Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hi! Remember me? And oh yeah, It's *&?!#@* Hot!

To fill you in I'm still living with my sister. So much for "6 to 8 weeks". It looks like I won't be moving back to my new place, upstairs from my old place until some time in August. We have been without a stove here for almost two weeks. That should be finally taken care of on Tuesday.
So where have I been? Right here! See me waving? I have attempted to blog several times but came up empty. Most of the time I was just bitchin' and complaining about my present situation. In some respects I feel homeless though I am hardly homeless. I have to remind myself how lucky I am every time I drive through bustling Harvard Square on my way to work or home. You can see all the tourist posing in front of the gates of Harvard. All the out of state license plates and the big crowds crossing the streets then I see the homeless guy sleeping on a park bench and I have to remind myself that all that's happening to me is a slightly annoying disruption into my fairly comfortable life. Ok so I ended up whining again. I'm sorry.Apart from all that I'm fine. Arlene is also doing well. We have been discussing another trip to you know where in mid September. This all depends on Arlene getting a few days off. It's tougher for her because she works in the school system. I hope she can because this place is in our hearts. Speaking of you know where, here are a few short videos from last month. The first one was taken after we just arrived and went to our first day traditional breakfast at Linda Jeans. Our room wasn't going to be ready for several hours so we walked down to the main drag for breakfast then down to one of the many parks by the ocean. It was a beautiful day and we watched a family and their little, very energetic, puppy. The other two videos are from the last day as we waited for the ferry and set off for the mainland.    

So I close by saying thank for stopping by. I'm hoping to be back regularly as soon as my life gets back to somewhat normal.

I'm outta here.