Saturday, June 30, 2018

Wonderful time, wonderful place.

Yes we went and we returned. It was hot! Still is. This is the latest in the spring/summer that we have traveled to the Vineyard and as I suspected there would be more people than there were when we went earlier in the season. Particularly coming up on the 4th of July. We did not go to the clay cliffs and I did not take any pictures though I had planned to. We stayed local to the hotel and downtown Oak Bluffs. I didn't get up early to watch the sun come up over the Atlantic. Now don't get me wrong, Arlene and I surely enjoyed our stay. What we noticed was the visitors from around the country and the world. We became particularly friendly with some folks from South Africa.

It was more difficult than usual to get around as there were many more cars. What was quite a sight was the line of traffic heading towards Cape Cod and the islands as we headed home. This definitely justified our decisions to go early and late in the season. I could not imagine going to Cape Cod or the islands in the middle of the summer. On Martha's Vineyard the population swells from 15,000 to over 100,000. No thanks.

Below is a video taken as you travel north towards Boston, of everybody else heading south. It's not my video but pretty much echo's what Arlene and I saw yesterday as we headed home. Once again, no thanks. I often wonder, apart from getting a new bridge, since the "Big Dig", if the traffic is any better than it used to be, or is a good chunk of it is now 90' underground in a new tunnel. Still it all does look better than it used to.

This video was taken somewhere on the mid-cape highway  and most of this mess is caused by the rotaries you have to negotiate to cross one of the bridges over the Cape Cod canal. It was almost like they tried to make this as difficult as possible.  

As I said I didn't take any pictures though I do like to go back and check out some of the ones taken in the past. Sunrise from the end of the street the hotel is on.

The colorful downtown in Oak Bluffs
 One of our favorite restaurants, particularly for breakfast.

So that was trip number 14 since 2010. As always we love the hotel we stay at. It is so wonderful to have the staff recognize us and greet us. From the gentleman who maintains the grounds to the ladies who clean the rooms and work in the kitchen. All of them are wonderful people who went out of their way to say hello to us. Everything about the place and the island has a special place in our hearts.

As I write this it is hot and humid around here as it seems to be around the country. I have to go to the supermarket for a few provisions. I really don't like to go there but you gotta eat. There's laundry to do as well as checking in with Arlene. So that's it for now my friends and...
I am outta here.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

No,I'm not dead.

No I am not dead. There have other things preoccupying my time. I am not saying there were any dramatic changes to my life but I've been blogging for quite a while now, and I can't just write about getting up and going grocery shopping because I've already written of such drudgeries in the past. Also,believe it or not,there are still things going on that don't involve a computer screen much less a phone.

Before I go on with this stream of consciousness blog entry, I want to personally thank Nookworm and Suzie for always coming here and seeing what I'm going on about. I've been blogging for about 11 years  and I can always count on you two ladies for an intelligent comment. I don't mean to slight anybody else who may stop by here from time to time. I just want to say that I appreciate you ladies and your efforts! Thank you so much!

Boy do I have a lot of pictures and I still like to take pictures but Arlene and I don't take our little day trips like we 10-15 years ago. I suppose the trips to Martha's Vineyard took the place of trips to New Hampshire, Maine and the rest of New England except Connecticut. Nothing against Connecticut but that's the way things worked out.

I remember the time, 10 years ago, we took a ride to the western part of Massachusetts. I think we were headed to Mt. Greylock, the highest point in the state. We went out to the western part of the state a couple of times. The western part of the state is quite rural save for a few cities with 20 to 100,000 people. Anyway it was the fall in western Massachusetts on and or near Mt. Greylock.

It's a whole different world from where I live. I know I've posted these next pictures before but I am about to delete them from my computer. 

Ok It's been about two weeks since I wrote the above I have started two other blogs before I finally came back to this one. I guess I'll just finish it. Arlene and I will be going back to Martha's Vineyard for a few days in a few weeks. We really are looking forward to it. Arlene is feeling much better. It's been about 10 months since her surgery and she has had her good days and her bad days but her good days have been more frequent in the last few months. The reservation are made. Even though there are many seafood restaurants in the area I still can't wait to have the sea scallop dish I had at a particular restaurant a couple of years ago. I have not forgotten that evening. We ate outdoors on a balcony overlooking the harbor facing west as the sun set. It was magical.

I'm going to wrap this baby up. I have missed blogging but I seemed to get stuck in neutral. I'm gonna try to jam it back in gear.
I'm outta here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I was bored

Yup I was bored. I looked at my Chinatown pictures and for the most part I was pleased with them. One thing that I noticed was how clean the sidewalks were. At least when compared to how I remember the sidewalks were when I was a kid. Now by clean I mean no litter on the sidewalks or in the gutters, not clean like you could lick it with your tongue. When I was young Boston looked old and rundown. There was a litter problem. Beginning in the 1960's the city began a rebirth that continues to this very day. I don't know how or where they find the space to put another high-rise up. There are more or less twelve projects going on at the moment. Most have  buildings with office space, retail outlets, apartments and condos are 500 to 700 feet tall. Who's going to live here? What would it cost to live in a 500 foot tower? 

Still I suppose all of this development is a good sign. It's a busy place. You've got these tall modern glass towers next to a building that could have been built in the 18th century.   
 Here are two pictures I didn't post before. Why? I don't know.

As I said I was bored so I made a slideshow with the pictures. Now apart from that all I have to report was some nasty weather after a beautiful start to the day on Tuesday. By four in the afternoon there was thunder and lightning, wind and hailstones in some places. It was over by nine o'clock.

Here's the slideshow.   

I'm outta here.