Tuesday, October 10, 2017

We're back

Leading up to our little three day trip the weather looked like it could be iffy but for the most part it was fine. Sunday was overcast with sprinkles of rain here and there but it didn't matter. We sat on a bench watching the ocean beyond the empty beach. It was quite relaxing though there was a steady stream of cars on the road behind us. there were still visitors to the island which of course included us. At our hotel there were cars from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut Pennsylvania and of course Massachusetts. I didn't take many pictures as we've seen a good part of the place and nothing out of the ordinary was happening. I did get out early on morning and walked down to the water to watch the sunrise. There was one lovely sunset but I didn't have my camera and wasn't in a good position to get a shot.


I crossed the street on my way back to the hotel and looked back.

 So it was a relatively short time but it is always nicer than hanging around here. The day we left, Tuesday, was picture book. Just lovely, but we had to leave. Cape Cod is a lovely place to drive through and as you move further north the road becomes more highway instead two roads and the traffic thickens. The closer you get to Boston the more congested it gets. Still it was only about 10:30 A.M. and I do like seeing the city skyline the distance.

One other thing that I have enjoyed for the last few days is a you-tube video that has had me laughing even just thinking about it. Arlene received it a couple of days ago.  It was originally posted some six years ago. Try not to laugh!

Oh the laundry! I'm outta here.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Next Saturday

Next Saturday Arlene and I will be going back to Martha's Vineyard for a few days. I will being a camera but I can't think of anything or anyplace that we haven't been but you never know. Then there are the sunrises and the sunsets. They vary unless the weather doesn't cooperate. It will be good to get away for a few days, Arlene has had a tough year though she is doing better. 

I went through the files on my old desk top. Up until about a year ago I checked all my pictures out on the desk top. It was and is good enough for that. It'd old. The laptop I use is newer and it's coming up on nine years old. Anyway there were a good amount of pictures sitting there. Some I'm sure I've posted here and some that are similar to ones I've posted here.    

It's nice to walk a block and watch the sun rise over the ocean.

Then there are the cliffs.

The sunsets

Then there's a wonderful place for breakfast.

Aside for the rain on Saturday the weather has been wonderful. I was going to post something different but I got sidetracked by firing up the old girl. Of course I'm talking about the old desktop.
Still both my computers are terribly out of date, a situation that I will have to address soon. I will be around to visit later in the day as Arlene has promised me linguini and meatballs after the Patriots game. I have been lax in my cyber duties but I have been active in my household duties as I am throwing out things that I have lugged around for years. Well it's getting close to game time so...
I'm outta here.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hello. I just called to say I've snapped my twig. Plus history is all around me and I take it for granted.

 So I was just sitting their playing Risk on my computer and the phone rings. By the little screen I see that it is Arlene calling. Now normally I hate the phone. Not because of the intrinsic use of the phone, staying in touch with friends and loved ones, but for all the calls I receive from basically people who want a piece of me in terms of money or want to sell me something to take care of incontinence, life insurance, medical insurance, basically they  want to sell me something. But Wait! It's not some bottom feeding money leech, the little screen tells me it's Arlene! I answer and say hello. She says "Hi."

Then in a frantic, high pitched, high speed, screechy voice she began screaming,                                                      
 "Oooo! Ahhhh! No! Go away! Nooo!  Leave me  alone! Go away! Ahhhh! Nooo!" and so on. 
What had I done? What does she think I did? Has she snapped her twig? Everything seemed fine the evening before!? Well she soon calmed down. It appears that I was innocent of any transgressions. She was calling from her front porch and as I answered my phone and she briefly responded a bee began flying around her head. I have to admit I enjoy retelling this little episode to friends and family and she was good enough to laugh it off. It gave all a good laugh.

A couple of blogs ago I wrote about a new restaurant in town called Real Gusto. Now right across the street is a historic house called the Issac Hall house built in 1720. Paul Revere stopped here on his ride to warn Issac Hall that the British regulars were coming from Boston. Capt. Issac Hall was in charge of the local Minute Men. Now I have witnessed the Paul Revere re-enactment a few times in my life. And when Arlene and I went to the restaurant we got a parking space right in front of the old house, which by the way is now a funeral home. None of the pictures below are mine.

The Gaffey Funeral home.


As I got out of the car (Arlene drove) I looked over the white fence on the right side of the house and I saw this.

Sometimes I forget all the history that's around here. I take it for granted.

Issac Hall is being portrayed by a high school student.

That's the location of the restaurant behind the horse's head. It wasn't there at the time of this photo. Of course I'm referring to the restaurant not the horses head.  That's not the handsomest horse I've ever seen.
And literally a couple of blocks down the street, in the opposite direction that Paul is traveling, is this plaque.
One more thing that I recently learned is that Fannie Farmer lived here and Amelia Earhart lived here for a few years with her sister, who lived here her entire life. Who knew?  
So that's it for the moment.
I'm outta here.