Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Nov 6 2016 A Sunday Morning ride to Cambridge.

Ok so I don't blog in over a month then I do it two days in a row. We're still waiting for word from the hospital relating to Arlene's release from the hospital. She did well and is, understandably, anxious to go home. Aside from that, I have been off from work for a week as I cut my finger on a slicer machine. This wasn't the first time though it may be my last time as I inch closer to complete retirement. In 46 years you are bound to have a mishap when working with sharp knives and slicers. This injury wasn't bad. I've had worse. No stitches were required. This is the fourth time in all my years that I have injured myself so in my line of work that's a pretty good average.

I did this before but this passed Sunday I took a ride into work and I made a very amateur video of my ride. Placing a small camera on my dashboard made things a bit shaky. I made this drive many times over the years as I have worked in this store many times more than any other. I was at this location from 2000-2011 and have worked their many time since 1971.
So this is essentially my ride to work.  

So that's it for now.
I'm outta here.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

This entry has taken me over a month! Plus January 2007-2008 pics and other stuff.

Ok nothing new to report on the moving front. There's are still things that I have to do, bring over, find homes for and so on. I am still hampered by a touchy left shoulder, leg that is acting up, and an extra flight of stairs to lug this stuff up. Enough about that. 

Being a sports fan around here has been pretty good for the last sixteen years and it's still pretty good. The local teams have won nine championships. Our baseball team was in the playoffs again and the football team is an ongoing threat to win another one. Sports-wise the rest of the country hates us. Three years ago as Arlene and I pulled up to the hotel on the Vineyard, we were unpacking the car and another car pulled up behind us and began unpacking as well. There were a couple of ladies from Texas of all places. We chatted and it was quite pleasant until they asked where we were from. We told them that we were from just north of Boston. Her demeanor suddenly changed and she said, "Oh yeah! You've got that damn Patriots hat on!" Hey relax lady. It's a hat and just sports! That was the end of that exchange.

I work with a guy who has a tendency to mangle pronunciations much to our amusement. Today it was the name of the actor Denzel Washington. He became Deznel Washington. Later on he informed me that our boss would like me to price up a box of Cabot Monterey Jack cheese except he called it the Montgomery Jack cheese. Then there are the customers. On lady wanted a half pound of turkey breast, only she asked for, ..."a half pound of turkey with breast." I'm sorry the breast is sold separately.

Ya know sometimes I am just not aware of what's around me. I just found out that Fannie Farmer lived at the end of my street. The family house was there until 1979 when it was destroyed by fire. When I get a chance I'll grab photo of the commemorative stone. 

Here are some pictures from 2007 and 2008. About half the pictures in this slideshow were taken after a snowstorm and I decided to make them black and white.

This blog entry was started some three weeks ago. (At this point,  Nov. 8th, it's been more than a month) Things have been disjointed for a while. Arlene has had some health issues and she is going in to the hospital for a "procedure" on November 8. It's not real serious yet it's something that has to be taken seriously. As far as my life, it has been unsettled since this whole moving saga  began. I was too comfortable in my old apartment. Moving out, putting my furniture in storage, Living with my sister and brother-in law was ok. I must have been operating on adrenalin when I first moved out and took all my personal stuff to my sisters. However getting it all back here has been tough as my left leg. that I injured on vacation several years ago, has been acting up, coupled with a shaky left shoulder a couple of flights of stairs has slowed the process down but enough about that.

Update-November 8th. Arlene had her surgery today and all turned out well. She will be home on the 9th. That's tomorrow if I finally publish this tonight.

I apologize for this disjointed blog. Hopefully I will get back to a more normal life.

These were taken a few days ago locally by the Mystic River. Well I took them not the river. It was overcast and the Fall colors are muted. As soon as I got home from taking these, the sun came out.

The back of my old church.

These last two were taken this passed Sunday morning by the Charles River in Cambridge. Once again it was overcast.

Ok. Let's get this show on the road.
I'm outta here.