Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some silliness on the day before Thanksgiving

This is the video I was trying to post on my last blog. As I said previously I am not making a political statement or taking sides as both parties leave a lot to be desired as far as I'm concerned. However while watching post election program they showed a couple of humorous political ads each party put out about their opponent and the Obama one was kind of lukewarm ( and by the way what makes Luke the authority on levels of heat ) but the Republican one was pretty funny except I thought it was too long. So I downloaded it and cut it down to 10 seconds. I made a silly intro about a year ago and stuck it on the beginning. It's actually about 3 times as long as the actual clip. 
So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is easily my favorite holiday. It's about nothing more than being thankful for what you have. That's it. The very first one was held about 50 or so miles from where I sit. Apart from all the possible gluttony there are no major religious ties connected to it. It simply is a day to be thankful for what you have. Getting together with family or friends. The only bad side of Thanksgiving, and this is just a personal opinion, are the major retailers who will open either on the day or as soon as the clock strikes midnight. It's not totally the retailers fault because there are people who will shop. I imagine that the only reason they aren't open on Christmas day is because we spend so much time and money in stores because of Christmas. I imagine that could too change in the future. Anyway you won't find me in any store on Thanksgiving.
So to anyone who reads this, Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family on this special day. It's really the best holiday of all.
Now I have to prepare for work. I have the late shift till 9.
I'm outta here.   

Monday, November 19, 2012

A sad/busy time.

Yeah it's the holidays which are always a busy time. Last week we had a death in the family. My mother's sister , my aunt Tina, passed. She was the last  member of my parents generation, at least in the U.S. I found myself more emotional at her passing than I did at my own parents passing. Maybe because she was the last one of that generation, at least in this country. I believe my father's sisters are still living. One is in Italy and one is in Austrailia. My sister has just purchased a house and will be moving shortly. This has taken up some of my time, not that I mind lending a hand. Besides I could end up living there in the future. Work has been tough. My company is in bad shape. They have eliminated the little pins they give us when we hit an aniversary date. Not that they were anything to write home about. Everybody got the same little pin no matter how many years of service you had. This was no big deal since they were cheap little pins. The only difference was what number the had written on the front. Before my original company was sold to the present company, the anniversary pins got better every five years. They were made of gold ( Don't ask me what kind because I know nothing about gold but I realse they weren't solid gold.) After 10 years they had a little ruby inserted. After 15 years they had a ruby and a small diamond chip and so on down the line. I'm sure these pins weren't real expensive but they were different at every milestone and just looked a lot nicer. Of course the original company is now defunct though the name still exits. I realise that this pin issue is small potatoes when you compare it to the 700 people they laid off last week. I managed to survive that. I thought I would be one of the first to go since I have over 41 years of service. Our vacation set up has been altered along with other things as well. 

November and December are always busy for me. In these two months there are 3 birthdays (My sisters and mine) and two major holidays. This may be the first year that my family will not be getting together for Thanksgiving. Last year was the first year that Thanksgiving was just my sisters, brother in law and myself. The years before my uncle Sam would spend the holidays with us instead of his own 4 daughters though one does live in England. There's a lot of drama going on between my cousins and I guess he just didn't want to deal with all the potential crap that could occur.  He was a lot of fun and the whole day was filled with laughter. He passed in 2011. He was a favorite of my sisters and me. We all miss you uncle Sam.

On the flip side, though I don't intend to get into politics per se and I am not picking sides here, but after the Presidential election, my lady friend and I were watching some post election programs and they showed a few humorous campaign comercials for both sides. The Obama ad was okay but the Republican one had a surprise ending that just cracked us up. I ended up finding it on YouTube. I downloaded it and cut it down from a minute to about 10 seconds. I stuck my own intro on it. It was something I put together last year to use at begining of any video I might come up with. The intro is twice as long as the clip but it was fun to make.

Well it appears that my little video is not uploading. So I will publish without it and try it again later. It could be my computer. It's been running slow lately. So I guess,
I'm outta here.