Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Some silliness on the day before Thanksgiving

This is the video I was trying to post on my last blog. As I said previously I am not making a political statement or taking sides as both parties leave a lot to be desired as far as I'm concerned. However while watching post election program they showed a couple of humorous political ads each party put out about their opponent and the Obama one was kind of lukewarm ( and by the way what makes Luke the authority on levels of heat ) but the Republican one was pretty funny except I thought it was too long. So I downloaded it and cut it down to 10 seconds. I made a silly intro about a year ago and stuck it on the beginning. It's actually about 3 times as long as the actual clip. 
So tomorrow is Thanksgiving. It is easily my favorite holiday. It's about nothing more than being thankful for what you have. That's it. The very first one was held about 50 or so miles from where I sit. Apart from all the possible gluttony there are no major religious ties connected to it. It simply is a day to be thankful for what you have. Getting together with family or friends. The only bad side of Thanksgiving, and this is just a personal opinion, are the major retailers who will open either on the day or as soon as the clock strikes midnight. It's not totally the retailers fault because there are people who will shop. I imagine that the only reason they aren't open on Christmas day is because we spend so much time and money in stores because of Christmas. I imagine that could too change in the future. Anyway you won't find me in any store on Thanksgiving.
So to anyone who reads this, Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your friends and family on this special day. It's really the best holiday of all.
Now I have to prepare for work. I have the late shift till 9.
I'm outta here.   


  1. The video is a hoot Paul!!

    Happy Thanksgiving Paul! I feel truly blessed to have you as a friend!

  2. You are sooo right about this wonderful day of giving thanks. All we have is all we really need, yes?

  3. You must be enjoy the happy Thanksgiving day!
    We don't have in here Australia.
    Have a wonderful time!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving that was. I am glad I could finf=d the comment box this time.

    If I could get away with not cooking the Christmas meal too, I would. :-)

  5. SOooo HAPPY Birthday to you..hope you have a wonderful day Paul.. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Paul. Hope it is a good one!

  7. Hello I hear it's your birthday, well it was your birthday yesterday so I am here to say Happy Birthday Hope you had a good one...........

  8. Hi, Boston Boy....I'm bj over from Sweet Nothings. I stopped by Beth's this morning and she is wishing you a Happy Birthday and suggested we come by and do the same. She failed to reveal your age and as it is very impolite to ask one's age, I will just say we will be friends if you are OLDER than me...however, I don't necessarily like anyone that's YOUNGER. :)
    I have a BD coming....New Year's Eve (see, EVERYone celebrates my birthday)
    Happiest Belated Bithday and I do hope it was a good one.