Sunday, February 8, 2015

Live from the arctic circle...

Where do you put all this snow? We've had more snow in one week than we've ever had in a whole year.
Now before I continue I have to mention that I have had computer problems again. While I was in the middle of writing this post or uploading a video, playing a game or just cruising the web the computer just shuts down. I did manage to upload a video (below) and I accidently published a blog instead of saving it. I never finished it. At this point it's late Sunday morning and guess what? It's snowing. By Tuesday we could get another 2 feet of snow. I have yet to go out and shovel. It's not snowing hard. It's not a blizzard like last week but it will continue until Tuesday. I guess it is what it is. At least the Patriots won.   

As you can guess driving around in this stuff is not fun. Until today the roads were in good shape. The big problem for me and I suppose everybody else are the giant piles of snow at the end of streets. You cannot see if anybody is coming on your left or right. Another fun exercise is driving down two way streets. You pray nobody comes in the opposite direction. But despite it all people seem to have taken all this in least up until now. What can you do? It's nature. Still the thought of having around 5 feet of snow by Tuesday is not real comforting. The city and the state are running out of space to put any snow they have removed. The law prevents them from dumping it into the ocean because of pollution concerns. When I last went to work on Thursday almost half the parking lot was taken by giant piles of snow. I can't imagine what it will look like when I go back on Tuesday.

Ok. I'm getting mighty hungry. I think I'll make a pasta, chicken and vegetable dish then I'm going to have to go outside and clean up the snow that has fallen so far. Ugh!

I'm outta here.  


  1. I have been waiting impatiently for you to give your firsthand report of current conditions. We are staying in, hoping to not lose power as temps at the end of next week are predicted to be VERY low - again. Stay safe and watch your back when shoveling. Keep in touch with reports as often as your computer and time will allow. We don't envy you at all. I watched your video on You Tube before this post. Hope you will make another after the next mess, please.

  2. I bet youse do feel like your in the artic. On the news here they showed Snowzilla in Boston! It got my attention. It has a jet engine and melts the snow/ice. They also showed dumping snow in this huge hopper where it melts the snow and on bottom melted snow was pouring out. Where the water went they didn't show. They showed massive dump site where the city looks the other way cause no place to go with the snow. Wow! Now I'm not saying go out with a hair dryer and melt your snow lol! Hope your computer behaves, I missed you and your visits to my blog. I'm having chicken too, but it came from a deli ;-)

  3. Wow!! You are really getting dumped on. Will Spring ever come?? It has been beautiful here yesterday and today with the temp hovering near 50. Stay safe!!

  4. Never seen so much Snow what a task.The video is amazing , you will soon have a great thaw.
    Stay safe and enjoy your tasty meal.