Thursday, February 12, 2015

Oh well

What can you say about the weather? Oh I can think of something. It really sucks! And yet snow is nothing new around here and for the most part you accept it. It's part of living in this area. It's my home. And despite all the things that can drive you mad I wouldn't live any place else, unless of course I hit the lottery. Then I would buy a place somewhere warm or warmish most of the time. By warmish I mean no colder than 40 degrees, and it has to be near the ocean. I would still live here, maybe a bit west of Boston. It still gives relatively good access to Boston, the ocean or the mountains. Not that I've been to the mountains much. Only 3 times. Mt. Washington being the most memorable. 

So what can I say about the weather. I can say that we're going to receive about another foot of snow. Apart from 1978, this only the second time this type of event has occurred in my lifetime. It has happened in the recorded past. Around 100 years ago give or take a decade or so. Normally we get a snow storm 6, 8, 10 inches. It looks pretty for a day or two. Then it starts to get dirty. Then maybe you got another moderate amount and so on through the winter. This time it's a challenge. 

Driving, walking or getting anywhere is quite a challenge. Never mind that, people who use public transportation probably are probably having the worst time. Understandably this is an overwhelming amount of snow in a very short time and it would be very difficult to maintain  top service under these conditions. The public transportation service might like to tout they were the first in the nation but the amount of aging equipment that broke down including track failure, buses breaking down in the middle of streets and an entire subway line shutting down, stranding thousands people.

I have often said that my drive to work is only 5 miles. There are more buses on the road than usual to take the place of the shutdown subway line. Add in the pedestrian traffic, people taking cars instead public transportation and all the snow and it really can be quite annoying. Another strange event is the upcoming Boat Show. Someone towing a 47 foot yacht for the show took the a wrong turn somewhere and ended up on the downtown streets and got stuck in a snow bank trying to make a turn. None of these pictures are mine. The farthest I will travel in the next several days is next door to Arlene's. I'm not insane.


So I find myself a bit more relaxed this evening. I worked 3 days. That's all and yet the from the moment I left the house until the moment I pulled onto the driveway it was one high energy/annoying 3 days. For me shoveling more snow is the better alternative to having to go anywhere. Fortunately I am off until next Tuesday and who knows maybe Tuesday as well.

So we all grin and bear it because in a couple of months it will go back to being the pain in the ass to get around place that we all here really love.

I'm outta here.



  1. Gosh! thanks for the update Paul, that boat is in trouble to say the least.
    It will be good when all this is fast behind you.
    Take care and Arlene , wishing you both well.

  2. I often wonder why maintenance on equipment is a temp fix to save money. The northeast is surely overwhelmed.
    Glad you are doing alright. Take care! Keep the updates coming!

  3. I hear ya! Yer comin' in loud 'n clear!

  4. Boston Boy, I saw that big boat on the news...I always think of you when Boston is mentioned. LOL. Some body won that big lottery...we only won 4 dollars of it. LOL. We've been lucky as far as snow has gone, but it's been very cold. I'll take that over all that snow. Did you have to shovel your roof? Today I saw how much snow weighs, scary !. You stay safe . Tell Arlene, It won't be much longer till you two have your fun times. Blessings to all you way. xoxo,Susie

  5. STAY home and play guitar. That's the ticket!!

  6. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos. The way you have described the snow in your city gives me the shivers here in Kochi We don't have snow here at any time of the year. It never gets too hot or too cold. We have a heavy monsoon. Kochi is close to the sea. Now is the tourist season here. Many foreign tourists come to Kochi during this part of the year.

    Take care.

    Best wishes