Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Y'ever get a phone call from yourself?

No really. Have you ever heard the phone ring and you look at the little screen to see who it's from and your name and number appear? Of course I pretended I wasn't home because I didn't want to talk to myself. I do enough of that already. I waited to hear my message but nothing was said. So I guess I hung on myself not really wanting to say anything to me.

Aside from all the above nonsense this has happened twice. I have never answered it. Who knows what might be the cause or the reason. While writing this a little light went on in my head. I thought, "Why not Google this and see what turns up?"

So I did and it was just as I suspected. A scam. Especially these days, a person has to be very aware of ever increasingly clever scams. Though truth be told this one seems ridiculous. Why or more importantly, how on earth would this be possible? Why would you not know that something was wrong when your own number appears on the phone that is the phone that is supposedly placing the call? 

Well that was my morning excitement. I am off today and have a few in house things to do of which I have done none yet. Yesterday was a long day made longer with just getting around. I took my friend Dave to the supermarket again. I really don't mind helping him and I had a few things I had to buy myself. I never really go food shopping in the traditional sense because I have worked in a supermarket for (on April 1st of all days) 44 years, so leaving a supermarket to go to a supermarket to shop is a little different for me. Dave's pick-up had to be coordinated so that he be waiting for me outside as soon as I got to his house. It's a two way street which normally can accommodate two cars traveling in opposite directions with cars parked on both sides. Not now. It's still two way but you better pray nobody is coming in the other direction. Here' the 45 second ride down Winter Street to a waiting Dave.

  This was taken Monday morning after the most recent clean up.

As you can see in the video the snow was much cleaner a couple of days ago. That window on the left is my living room window. This is the part of year where you just grin and bear it. I heard a TV report that we have more snow than anchorage Alaska. So I guess in a strange way we should take it as a feather in our caps so we can muddle through or, if you'll excuse my phraseology, "plow" through this.

I'm outta here.


  1. I'm still laughing about you not answering your call to yourself LOL!
    Good grief that drive to Dave's? Reminded me of driving on a few one lane bridges in Missouri. Scary!
    The snow is really piled high wow! I haven't been out since the last time I did.
    Our snowmobil trails is a bust this winter as not enough snow. When can you deliver?

  2. That was a very scary ride to pick up Dave. You are a good and dedicated friend! I'm going to have to learn more about those phone calls. We are on the Do Not Call List and still get foreign calls.

  3. Boston Boy, You are a brave person...I would not drive there for anything. You are a good friend to Dave also. Just be careful out and about. I am wondering where this is going once things start to melt...if the sewers can be found to clear . You were clever to find out that your number calling it's self is a scam. Good for you. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. haha...
    calling yourself huh, lol, lol,
    and why you not home? lmfao here.

    thanks for the laughter.

  5. Same as Susie I wouldn't drive in that either, yikes!
    You did the right thing those scams are everywhere , this is a new one for me. Well done for sorting the scam.
    Go easy.