Monday, February 9, 2015

Snowzilla update

What can I say? The photo below is a composite. You thought we had a lot of snow last week. The one on the right is from this passed Sunday. This winter, well actually the last two weeks has been brutal. We have surpassed 1978, which until the last two weeks was legendary. To be sure it was rough, but this is something else. It will snow until early Tuesday and it is cold. There is more snow in the near future. Where I live I am right on the snow line meaning we could receive 16-24 more inches of snow.

Now more than ever do Arlene and I long for this.
Well it will be a few months before we can enjoy this scene. Right now it's 7 a.m. and snow is falling lightly but quite steady and it will continue until tonight. I have more shoveling in my future but not right now.
This is a little video from yesterday. The people next door hired someone to clear the front of their house, dumping the snow in their front yard.
This was a few days ago before the latest round of snowfall. I had an errand to run and thought to get it out of the way before the snow began once again. For the most part the roads were in good shape. You will also notice that I called someone and idiot during my drive. Oh well. I had to cut the video in half because it seemed to be too long for blogger. I did not upload it to YouTube. 
I don't know if the videos will work or not. I won't know until I publish. Okee dokee I think I'll have another cup of coffee, maybe do some housework and prepare for some more shoveling later this afternoon.
 I'm outta here...but not until later. 



  1. Your roads look pretty darn clean to me! I was very surprised. You can have the trips, though.

  2. I can see the piles are higher and more is coming? I think the Acme flame thrower is on sale to melt that stuff.
    Oh boy your neighbor will have yard floodage when it warms up eh? Course where to put it right? You can come clean my house if you want.

  3. LORDIE .. I worry too about the roof situation and how people will deal with so much MORE winter to come. Makes one want to run away I am sure. I have never seen anyone here in Michigan have to use one of those machines to move snow in their yard. Wow.. scary indeed how it piles up. Thinking of you both in this hard winter.. sending prayers for it to cease soon.

  4. Boston Boy, I will say you guys are a hardy stock, dealing with all that snow. I know you and Arlene are really going to be ready for your vacation this year..You stay safe, xoxo,Susie

  5. I LOVE going for rides with you. Reminds me of the "old" days when you published these occasionally. Always a treat. I would not do well at all in a situation as you all are having to deal with. After it was over, regardless of the history and beauty I would be leaving behind, I would leave. Of course if I were Boston bred, then it might be different as I would have some sort of way of dealing with the weather as the rest of you do. I also loved the trouble you went through to label as the videos went along. You do the best viseos of ANY one in my blog world.

  6. The thought of all of that snow is frightening. You and Arlene stay safe!