Monday, April 1, 2013

World of Wheels, Easter, Spring cleaning and an extra day off!

Yup. I went to the World of Wheels Show downtown last Sunday the 24th. I like cars. I always have. When I was a kid my dad would take me to various dealership showrooms in the fall when all the new models were being introduced. I don't know all that much about cars. A basic knowledge on how an engine works and the like but I have never been one to work on a car save for changing a flat. For me cars are eye candy, performance numbers and other related numbers. There were customised hot rods, classic cars, and various other kinds of curiosities including the three Bat Mobiles. One from the 60's TV show, one from the first Hollywood movie and the latest version. Not only that, there were personal appearances by the Caped Crusader and Cat Woman in the flesh. A fun afternoon but not cheap. About $15 for a burger and a drink before hand. $20 for parking and $18 for a ticket.

It wasn't easy to take all the pictures. Finding a spot where you can frame the picture without someone walking in front of you or coming up behind you wasn't easy. Some of the pictures came out too blurry and were essentially useless. On some shots a bit of the rear end of a car got cut off. I took my small pocket camera. I didn't want to lug around that suitcase with the camera and lenses plus the booklets and various other camera devices. Most of the time it was aim the camera shoot and hope for the best. There are a couple of slightly blurred shots that made it on to the forthcoming slide show. By the way check out the very thick soles on Bat Mans boots. He looked to be about 5,5" without them. Oh and one more thing. I made a rather silly intro to the whole thing.

Then I made a slide show out of the pictures I took during the blizzard on Feb. 8,9 and 10th. The morning of the 9th we were met with around two feet of snow. It took two of us 8 hours to clear the cars and driveway. The tenth day was a beautiful day. Most everything important had been cleared or dug out. I went down to the lakes and took a few pictures. I readily admit that I put another silly opening at the beginning and an overly dramatic soundtrack to the beginning part of the video. I'm just having a little fun here.

And then, on the night of the blizzard I took my little camera and pointed it the television. I shot clips of the local news coverage over the course of two hours or so. There are reporters here and there, by the ocean or on the highway. I Just hand held the camera. A bit shaky or out of focus at times but what can I tell you, The airport was closed so Spielberg's plane couldn't land. You watch as the temperature dropping over a relatively short time. Anyway it's a long video. At about 11 minutes I'll save it for next time.

And then there was Easter Sunday. I had a potential conflict between my sister and my lady friend. I was invited to both places. I won't go into the delicate negotiations but I didn't have a real winning chance with either my sister or Arlene if they both didn't concede something.
 The conflict ended up resolved by the lucky fact that my sisters meal was going to happen around one-ish in the afternoon. Arlene said her meal would happen around five because her daughter had to work. I won't go into the delicate negotiations but it worked out.
We had roast pork at my sisters with various side dishes including something I haven't had since before my mother passed 9 years ago, broccoli rabe or rapini. It's a green that's pretty simply prepared. Boiled, cooled and sauteed with olive oil garlic and a pinch of hot pepper. Sometimes you can add sausage or whatever. They may be an acquired taste for some but I think they're pretty tasty. We had our now traditional toast at the beginning of the meal which I think I have mentioned before. My brother in laws botched attempt to say Nostrovia, or as Jim mangled into something like, "nice driveway".

Around six I went to Arlene's. Couldn't eat anymore so I had some wine and some home made pizzelle my sister made. All in all a nice day.

And now I have an extra day off this week. A bit of spring cleaning is in order and some relaxation. I still will have to wait another two months for my first week off.

Well that's all for now.
I'm outta here


  1. I love the roaring cat Paul. I watched the snow video full screen. The swans are so beautiful! Great job Bro!

    I think you handled your meal invitations admirably!!

  2. Blessings...
    great video
    spring cleaning yuck
    extra day of hey!