Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sadness both here and all over Metro Boston.

Today there was a wake for Krystle Campbell. Helicopters hovered overhead. There was still a police presence at her family home and I imagine there was a large presence at the funeral home. The same place both my parents, uncle and aunt were waked. I have watched as much of the television coverage as I could. Work was my only diversion. This has touched us all in the area. Some more than others. I mentioned previously how the young lady Krystle Campbell was friends with my lady friend Arlene daughters. She knew the family. How her daughters went to school through high school together. How they played together as children. How a co-workers mother knew the young M.I.T. officer killed while in his patrol car. How another co-worker was the aunt of the little boy from Dorchester. The bombers lived four streets away from where I work. Who knows I might have dealt with them.

I want to thank all the folks who commented and expressed their feelings and condolences. Beth, Beth's sister, Carole, Nookworm, Catches the eye, Terry, Caroldee, Buttons and Jo-Anne Meadows. Thank you all. It means so much to me.

I have been filled with much emotion over the last few days. Not only for the people killed but for all those killed but all those who received critical injuries. I am filled with sorrow and anger. As I have watched the tears would well up in my eyes.

I have to express my admiration for all the law enforcement people. The medical people and the average citizens who ran towards the blast area, not away, to do whatever they could to help the injured. It was an amazing show of humanity. I am humbled. This has been an experience that has shaken us around here. There have been explosions, 5 deaths, 175 or so injuries, some critical, some severe, car chases, gun battles, police cars rushing in all directions, helicopters in the sky over the parking lot at work, helicopters all over the place. My thanks for the support from all over country and the world for Boston. We will rebound. I admit that I swelled with pride when President Obama said, and I'm not sure it's a direct quote but it went something like this, "They picked the wrong city to terrorize. Not Boston.....not Boston."
Now I know he was playing to the crowd but I didn't care. It made me feel good and swell with pride and make no mistake we are all proud to live here in Boston. I love the phrase, "Boston Strong".

Here is the slideshow I mentioned in my previous entry. It took me a while to pour through my pictures then to put it together and upload. It is by no means the whole city as I have not been everywhere. I took these pictures over the last six years.

Once again my thanks to all. I will be back visiting around on a more regular basis in a day or two.


  1. I have been waiting and watching to hear from you and to know how you, my friend, are faring. I was relieved to see this blog, Paul.

    That old saw we have heard through the years is true...time heals and some of this awful blow will soften for you as time flows over the wound.


  2. Lovely tribute to Boston and all those who did all they could during that awful time of crisis. You have every right to be very proud of you City. The slideshow is wonderful.

  3. This has been an experience that has shaken us around here we are looking the TV for everyday in here Australia.
    After that a more people are regular time.
    I hope you having a happy time for you!

  4. Thank you for this documentary of your beautiful city. I have certainly been enlightened about your city and how you feel. The 16 minutes did more for my understanding than anything else ever could. It is a project of your love and passion. Kudos.....I'll be sharing your video with others.