Monday, April 15, 2013

The marathon tragedy

It is difficult to find the words to write concerning this. As I write this the situation is ongoing. It's about 4:23 in the afternoon and I'm still watching the event on television. Nobody at this point knows what really happened. I was out taking care of a few errands. I have just heard that two more bombs were found at this point. It's almost 4:30. I was actually on Massachusetts Avenue which intersects Boylston Street, the street where the marathon finish line is. The finish line is only a few blocks I was in Cambridge about two miles away. The bombs went off around, as far I can tell about 2:50. I was on my way home, almost there as I drove into the city square. As I approached a fire station one of the doors opened and out came a fire truck and went about 500' and turned to head towards a high way. This highway goes right into downtown and if the traffic is light you can be downtown in about 8 minutes (my estimate). At the time I didn't have the radio and didn't think much concerning the fire truck. I was home about 4 minutes later and turned the television about 3:05 and found out what was going on. 

I am quite familiar with the area. We had a store right near the finish line. It has since been rebuilt a block behind. I worked at that store and was there for three marathons. There are thousands of people everywhere. It's a very festive occasion and one that we who live here are quite proud to have in our back yard. It will never be the same. It's 5:10 and I am going back to the television.    


  1. I was thinking of you when I heard. So glad you were already by. I really don't understand this kind of thing. It just doesn't accomplish anything by cause more hate and distrust. Take care.

  2. Due to stuff having to be done I didn't even know this happened till close to 5:30. I hurried straight here hoping you would know we would be very concerned for you and you would put our minds to restif possible. WHEW! You were of course the first one I thought of. Did you say two MORE bombs were found?

    Pardon me but I am going to hug you!

  3. You were the first person I thought of when they broke in on HLN with the news. I am so glad you are safe! My heart goes out tho the injured and the dead. It makes me sick to think of person/persons doing such a horrible things. Why in the world can't we all get along.

    HUGS!! for you Bro!!

  4. My thoughts went immediately to you and your city -How horrible for this to happen!