Monday, April 15, 2013

Two dead, one a child 8, 50 to 100 injured.

It is now being called a terrorist attack. It's a holiday in Massachusetts. Patriots Day. The day that the first shot of the Revolutionary War on the Lexington Green was fired. The birth of our country. Perhaps that had something to do with it. Perhaps it was knowing that in the running world this is about as big as it gets. Over 27,000 runners from around the world. Spectators from around the world. Thousands of people line the route particularly when the runners hit Boston. I've seen the crowds. It gets bigger every year. What will happen next year? For now I mourn for the injured and the dead. And though I don't live in Boston proper I am very close by and it is my city and I mourn for my city. A city I love.   


  1. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families and you too, dear friend.

  2. Most shocking News I heard last night.My thoughts and Prayers are with the victims and families. Take Care .

  3. Such a dispicalble act. Prayers for all.