Thursday, October 28, 2010

We interupt this program to bring you nothing.

Boy I have been busy! Here it is 9 pm. I've been home 3 hours. I've managed to eat supper and deal with 5 phone calls. Two political calls. No, not Bill Clinton. He called during the election to fill Kennedy's seat. As far as I can remember Bill is doing well and says hi. One from the city explaining what we can and can't recycle as we have a new trash collecting  system, involving rather large green receptacles. I can recycle a mayo jar or a spaghetti sauce jar. If I would be so inclined to buy some. As an aside, if you grew up Italian with lots homemade sauce it goes against your grain to buy pre- made sauce. I confess I have though. And  BOY have I digressed! This is what happens when I wing these blogs. Any way I got these phone calls two of which were from friends. I am certainly grateful that I friends who I see on a regular basis and who call me. Tonight I just wanted the day to end. The first friend called telling me that he was pressed for time because he was attending some economic seminar and then wouldn't shut up. Reminding me again that he was short on time to talk. He kept talking. Friend number two just called to say hi and was in a chatty mood. I was polite and chatted back. There was no call for me to be rude but still I just wanted to say,
"I don't want to talk any more, I don't want to think any more. I just want the day to wind down." After all that happened I sat down in front of the computer and started this endless blather. See I can't say "babble" cause that's Toodies thing and I can't say ramble because I would be infringing on Carole. See! That was more blather! Speaking of this very computer. It apparently died 3 nights ago. I came home from work and tried to turn it on and nothing. It's a laptop. I bought it last January. I lugged out one of my dinosaur computer. It was in need of mucho updating. I learned that most of the time when this happens to a laptop you unplug and take out the battery. Put the battery back and plug it back in and it restarts.

So today it was a beautiful summer like day. I took my camera to work. I was getting out fairly early at 3:30 and this would be one of my few chances to take some fall photo's. I have mentioned and photographed the Mt. Auburn Cemetery many times. The trees are really turning color now and there is no better place to witness this locally than Mt. Auburn. This is a shot from the parking lot where I work, of the cemetery across the street.

Now here are some I took between 4 and 5 this afternoon and the sun was fading fast.

I couldn't decide if this tree looked pregnant or had a beer gut. It could be that this tree was stuffing his bark with socks to impress the lady trees or maybe it's a tree with a big booty. 

There are a few more that I will post next time. At 172 acres there's so much to see. I have to take the audio tour which takes you to the graves of famous people. Great exercise as it is all hills and valleys and truly spectacular on a bright fall day.
Now I really have to turn my brain off. I'll be around to visit tomorrow morning then it's the late shift. Goodnight.
I'm outta here.


  1. When I biggified the pictures they were beautiful. Our pretty colors like that are dead and gone.

  2. I remember when you first posted some cemetery, they are absolutely gorgeous! You have a built in view that can't be topped.

    I say the tree stuffed its trunk. I stand by that! Let me know if it is ever divulged on the nightly news..and tell Bill I said to bugger off. Can't stand the dude.

    Oh..and lastly I taunt the fish every darned time I come here! The cat made me do it.

  3. The autumn colors are spectacular, Paul; Iowa had some, but not so dramatic as the displays you shared in your photos! Sadly, we had a few days odf high winds which stripped most of the leaves from the trees before their full display of color could be reached.

    I noticed in one of your photos you captured a couple orbs, one larger than the other. Did you notice them? (Fifth photo from the bottom of the group just above this round of comments.)

    The orbs are just above the road and to the right.

    I would be curious to know if you took multiple, sequential shots of that particular scene and if the orbs appeared in only that one frame.

    Dang--you sure know how to make a day interesting!