Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Oct. 31 Halloween.

There's one house in the neighborhood, actually around the corner from me, that does it up big for Halloween. These people decorate their house like nobody else around here. I was walking past one my way to the Square, the center of town, to take some pictures of what was a combination ribbon cutting ceremony for a new restaurant/campaign appearance of the Governor. Some of the pictures ended up on a local website. Check out the house.
 It was a brisk fall day. The sun was bright at 11:00 am when it wasn't ducking behind the continually moving clouds. Sometimes you come across a typical fall scene.
It was nice to see the square not clogged with traffic.
This is the restaurant that used to be a bank I mentioned a few blogs ago. This was the official ribbon cutting/grand opening/campaign stop event that actually drew a fair amount of people. All the city pols were there. It was so crowded when I went inside that I decided not to even try to take pictures. I picked what I thought was a good position near the door by a lamp post. I was in a better position than the photographers from the Boston Herald and the Boston Globe.
The man on the left is the owner of the restaurant. The mayor is in the middle and a city counselor.
All four local television network affiliates were present. The camera is really stuck in your face. 
Govenor Patrick arrives. I had a great spot.

 Following behind Patrick is Congressman Ed Markey. I believe he's the Chairman of the Committee that comes up with other Committee's.
 That leering man behind Patrick is the Congressman Markey. I didn't recognise him when I was taking the picture. When I looked at it later my first thought was Groucho Marx.
Left to right, the mayor, the governor and the congressman.

It's been a busy day. It's 11:35 pm as I write this. I was out most of the day. I took time out to watch the Patriots Game at 4 and finished all these pictures off before I started this. Time for bed.
I'm outta here.


  1. You and your trusty camera always take us on the most amazing journeys! Thank you for sharing.
    Hope your Halloween was spooky and delicious!

  2. Wonderful and enjoyable journey around your neck of the woods. I will never be there in person but this is as good as. thanks Paul!

  3. These are excellent photos Paul. You did a great job. The Haloween photos are spectacular.

  4. Great up close photos Paul. Have you thought of a second career of being a poparotzi-er?

  5. What a great post! It's been so long, as in months, since I've been around that I forgot all this good stuff that I was missing, lol. That house is incredible! Actually scarey! And your photos of all the politicians would make the newspapers hang their heads in shame. Have to say, though, Groucho Marx was the BEST, lol! As everyone agrees, you have a big, big talent, Paul. Good to see you :)

  6. I really cant believe what people will do for Halloween. I really dont do anyting. Not even the kids come around anymore. They all stay in the closer centers or big big places.
    What an amazing exhibit. Glad you shared it Paul.

    Im with Toddie too. You should and would and why dont you . It would be fun I think.

  7. Really enjoyed the Halloween pics. Great job...interesting subject!
    After being so close to all of those politicians, did you check to see if you still had your wallet?

  8. My goodness! WHAT a show those people put on. the decorated house.,.not the politicians..but they probably did too.

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