Monday, October 18, 2010

A bit of time to spend.

Yeah I've got a bit of time to play with my computer. That's what I mostly do with it. It is an invaluable source of information. For though when I do spend time on the computer it's usually doing some pastime like choosing, editing or altering photo's or little movie clips. I might play a game and of course coming here. I've had little time to myself the last two weeks and this will continue until Wednesday. That will end my streak of eight days straight since my last day off. Yeah it's a bit of a whine but this can happen when you work retail. I was here  planning a quick visit on Friday but had to leave because my dinner date arrived 15 minutes early and it's not nice to keep a lady waiting.  Not only that, she was treating! It doesn't happen very often. And speaking of dinner I went to a new and a little unusual restaurant. Restaurants have been popping up around my city for the last 10 years. Because of my cities close proximity to Boston and the local hotels nearness to the main highway into town. More and more out of towners are staying here thus all the new restaurants. But I have digressed. The restaurant I went to was formally a bank and a notorious bank. You could sit in the outer restaurant which wasn't very unusual but very nice or you could sit in the vault.

I don't have all the particulars but in 1980 the building was occupied by the Depositors Trust bank. A group of local city policemen and and some from a now defunct police force, broke into the bank by some ingenious method through the ice cream shop next door. Not only did they take all the money but they went through all the safety deposit boxes.

It was one of the biggest bank robberies ever. While the bank was being robbed the Memorial Day parade passed by and people lined the street. The most interesting aspect is many people did not want to report what they had lost in the safety deposit boxes. Who knows what people had squirreled away in those boxes? There were all kinds of speculations as to what was hidden away. Money. Not legal money though. Stolen items, drugs, illegal weapons, all things that you would want to keep secret. It remained unsolved for 7 years until some infighting amongst the thieves resulted in someone ratting someone else out. I don't  have the dollar figure but that information would be out there somewhere. I remember watching a piece on the robbery on 60 Minutes. Anyway the vault was full so we had to eat in the outer restaurant. The food was very good and reasonably priced.

So here I am on Monday morning with a few free hours before work. It has been a grueling two weeks with tomorrow being the eighth day in a row. I work till 9 tonight and 5 tomorrow. I can't wait for this stretch to be over. OK I whined again. I tried to upload a few more pictures but for some reason they are not uploading properly. Oh well.
I have an hour of freedom left then I must get ready for work. I should be back on Wednesday. Until then...
I'm outta here.


  1. A very interesting story Paul. What did you have to eat? You know I am always interested in that. ;-)
    I can understand why you are knackered after working 8 days in a row. Man, I love that word and I vote we adopt it here in the States.

  2. A very interesting read Paul. Thanks

  3. Hey my grocery store here where I live..there was some Sam Adams beer! I liked to have fell over! No idea how long that will keep up but each time I see it, I think of you.

    Know what it's like to have so many work days in a row and like Beth're knackered when they have finished having their way with you. :-)

  4. Tell us more of your date ;-) Did the vault have ah view? Very interesting post. Hope you find time to post more.

  5. Howdy Stranger!

    Do not adjust your monitor, it's really me, Magnificent Raven taking another go at blogging in a new place. Like what you've done here, think maybe I'll stick around a while.

    Hope all is well with you!
    Peace love and throwing stars~me

  6. Greetings from KY,
    Interesting post... was the food any good? Italian no doubt!