Sunday, October 24, 2010

more nothing

The fall colors are somewhat muted around here. I have not been on any fall foliage  trips this year and the window is quickly closing. I did venture out today to check out a local reservation that I have not been to since the 70's. Today was overcast with a chance of rain I was not there 10 minutes when it started to rain. Here are a couple of shots but nothing stood out. Still it's a nice place. I have no shots of the wide open field. I was out of there quickly.
Maybe I'll get lucky on Wednesday as I'm off. The weather looks to be nicer. And speaking of work. I was speaking of work wasn't I? Of course. I often mention things that people say. Anyway a woman came to me looking for a certain Irish cheese. At first I couldn't find it but then...
"Oh here it is. They've changed the wrapper. It's pink in honor of Breast Awareness Month....I'm sorry I meant Breast Cancer Awareness Month."
Fortunately she just laughed. Still I just want to be clear I support both causes.
Speaking of sushi. The two guys who work the sushi bar in my store are Chinese. I find it amusing when I see their name tags. Ben and Ken. It seems they figured that their real names would be near unpronounceable to westerners so rather than giving someone a case of the Heebie Jeebies they became Ben and Ken the sushi guys. And don't forget January is Heebie Jeebie Awareness month. Another cause I support.

Well it's been a rather busy Sunday. Company from 4-6:30 then again at 7 to about 9:30. The day is almost done. I think I'm almost done.
I'm outta here.


  1. Paul these are so beuatiful. Im glad your out shooting. I love Love this last one and the road.
    We have snow. Yes . You can stop lauging. The ground is white.
    Have a great night.

  2. Gorgeous pictures, as usual *grins* You're always a bit off, aren't you? So why not get lucky any day ending in Y? Or why? Either way. I was here, I commented, and now I'm off to post a little bit of nonsense on my newfangled bloggy thingamabob.

  3. The photos are gorgeous when I biggefy them. They fill my 19 inch screen with beautiful color.
    Love your cheese comment. I just bet you do support both causes.

  4. That looks like a beautiful place Paul. I hope you get lucky on Wed too, it's overdue. Um the weather I mean. Maybe celebrate breast awareness month. Wait, that didn't type write. I better stop now before my keys lock up....

  5. It all looks very similar to our trees, which are only partly changed to the golden hues of Autumn. Some are fully turning, others are still mostly green whilst others are sort of half and half. Lovely shots though.

  6. Hm. BAM. Breast Awareness Month. Hm...Catchy, ain't it?

    We haven't had color worth a dime within 25 miles. This is my first year with just 5 pictures.

  7. Nice looking place. Hope you get a chance to get out in the early A.M. with the sun just coming up.....always best pictures at dawn and dusk.

  8. You must recharged the battery Paul,
    the pictures of chmetery is beautiful colour of trees,you picked right time of day a good shoot! though even I guess bear gut trees looking good:-)Thank you for visit and leave your kind comments.
    By the way what states your relative lived?
    Big Hugs,