Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A blog about nothing

So far today I've done nothing because I believe nothing is the thing for me to do today. Of course writing this is something because it requires me to be somewhat coherent. A skill I have not needed today up until now. A few question popped up on my last blog entry in no particular order. The estimated take in that 1980 robbery  was $25 million. Beth and Horace might have wondered what I ate. OK you can stop holding your breath. It was nothing fancy. I'm basically a meat and potato's guy. The restaurant featured general fare. Some of this and some of that. I had steak tips, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus. I will get a bit more adventurous next time I go. Perhaps seafood.
Carole I am curious. You said you saw Sam Adams at your local supermarket. Has it just gone into your area?

I see why I can't upload photos now. The image uploads have been disabled due to maintenance. At least that's what it says near the top of the page here.

Toodie you asked how my date went. I can sum the evening up with the absolute truth by saying two words and an initial.
Dinner and BJ's. It's not quite as exiting as it sounds. BJ's is a warehouse store. I was going to look for a winter coat and or an IPod. Neither of which I purchased. I instead went home with Green Acres the first season for 10 bucks. A show I found stupidly amusing when I was in my teens. Yes Toodie the evening was a whirlwind of excitement.

I'm sure it's the same all over the country but the political TV ads are coming fast and furious. Sure they're annoying and they are vicious. One ad called the opposing candidate "a dopey terrorist".
"Joe Gasbag is for lower taxes and more jobs. Jim Shifty wants the government to have all your money and pulls the legs off of butterflies!". And on and on it goes. The tone of these attack ads has taken on the air of a wrestling grudge match. In fact WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) owner Vince McMahon's wife is running for the senate in Connecticut. It wasn't that long ago that we around here went through this stuff when we had that special election to fill a seat in the senate. I think it was last January.

OK. There more nothing that I have to get to though there's plenty to do but as Beth says, "Its not going to matter much in 100 years". There I've done too much of something already. I'm exhausted.

I'm outta here.


  1. Well I see I have lots of catching up to do on your blog. I have missed many I think.
    Glad to see you post and with the orginal title I have grown to love.
    A Date hmm. Way to go. Im not surpised. You should have a few on the go.
    My hubby is meat , poatoes and gravy kind of man also. Keeps me cooking and hopping.
    Be Good

  2. We all need ah day of nuttin. So indulge yourself in absolute nothing Paul. Is that like being in ah void? Or blackhole of the universe?

  3. Doing nothing is the best way to spend the day as far as I am concerned.
    I see by your lovely new clock addition that it is 4:15 there and I know that it is 3:15 here. I knew that all along but I just wondered if you knew that. LOL Of couurse you knew that; now get back to doing nothing which is exactly what I am doing.

  4. I'm eating an apple muffin!

    Yep..Sam Adams beer has never seen the light of day in Tennessee till now. I wonder if it will go over big or not. If I see it more and more..that'll answer the question.

    You had me going there with your answer as to what happened on your date, LOL.

  5. Most of my blog posts tend to be about nothing.

  6. Me too I have nothing all the time ...
    In one way is happier? no complained, just normal day:-) I fed your fish and they are very hungry Paul..
    Big Hugs,