Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The tornado was about 5 miles away.

In fact there were four tornado's in New England. I was home during the storm and it did get quite intense. It was over in about 20 minutes, then the sun came out. I didn't find out about the tornado until later watching the news. It could as easily happened here as it did in Revere. They are rare but not unheard of around here. The next two days have been perfect. Mid to high 70's with low humidity.

So what else is going on? Nothing really. Even though I am semi retired I feel the need for a break. True I had a vacation 2 months ago but I am getting weary. Instead of working 40 hours I work about 30 with 60% of the money. It's not the money, not that I'm independently wealthy, it's things haven't changed all that much. I have 4 weeks of vacation in the bank so far and I think I will make use of that time soon. Since Arlene and I work for the same company we could line up some off time in the near future. This also depends on other peoples vacation requests. Still it shouldn't be hard to do.

So Wednesday I took my little camera with me to work. I videoed bits of my drive in and then again back home. I was well behaved and said nothing as I drove. Nary a cough or clearing of the throat was heard. I had music playing almost all the time. Well there was one little incident where I forgot the camera was running. I was trying to get through Harvard Square on my way home. It wasn't as bad as it can be but it was still congested and fairly crowded. Early in the morning there's traffic but it moves right along with the lights. In the afternoon, at best it's a crawl with little spurts of speed. Some gentleman in an s.u.v., who I have named (Mr.) ****head, cut me off, then cut back to the left, then got back in front of me. Then he signaled he was going to merge into the right lane where the road splits. Does so, gets ahead of me as the traffic moves, begins to try to cut back in front of me then darts back right to take the split. Well that really torqued me off. Now if he had been an out of state driver, of which there are many around here, I would have been more forgiving. I love this area but the road layout and the congestion can be awful. So in reaction to his last maneuver, I uttered a rather colorful compound phrase that I will not even attempt to hint at. By the time I got home I had forgotten about the incident, however when I watched the video clips, there, (TA DAH!) it was. Cutting through the music, traffic, and engine noise. Needless to say I cut it out of the video but you can kind of tell when. it happened but the way I accelerate as I went left

Ok to wrap this mess up, here are two videos. One going to work and one going home.

 I'm outta here.


  1. Five miles and NO Tornado SIREN? You need a weather radio to sound off alerts. Our radio helped us prepare many many times. Where we live now we hear the sirens loud and clear but rural MO no so. Interesting videos. I would say lots of rambling meta-fores driving in your city LOL!

  2. HOW do you make your movies while MOVING? Anyway, thanks for the ride.

  3. Sorry to hear about the Tornado scary stuff. How do you take movie's as driving, good question.
    Enjoy your week.

  4. Boston Boy...Oh yeah that was close. I swear it seemed like there was traffic to whole trip to work for you. I am not a big traffic driver. I used to drive to Indianapolis a more. I don't even want to see a dr. down there. Crazy road construction and those whacked out round abouts.. I prefer 4 way stops. I bet after that crazy traffic, you were thinking.."come on vacation ". Blessings for a calmer trip to work next time. xoxo,Susie