Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Trying times. My sister will have surgery.

Yes these are trying times. I have not been around lately. I am writing or at least starting this post on Tuesday evening. Tomorrow, August 6th, my youngest sister, my baby sister, as there is 14 years separating us, is going in for surgery. I don't fully understand all that is going on but, my middle sister and I will be driving her into town for her surgery. It's a woman's issue which has been explained to me but I'm sure I couldn't relay the problem correctly at this point in time. This is also a time when I am grateful to be living here as we are fortunate to have some of the best hospitals around. This is not to say there aren't great hospital around the country or in the world, but some of the great ones are right here. She'll be going to the Brighams and Woman's Hospital in downtown Boston. It's one of the finest. If all goes well, she should be in hospital 3 to 4 days. This has occupied me along with the other happenings in daily life, including my car, this passed week. But all those other annoyances are just that, annoyances. My sisters health is my primary concern.

Now I sort of know where the hospital is but I have been to that part of town since the '80s. I was so relieved to hear that my other sister will be picking me up so I won't have to drive. We are leaving at the worst possible time. 8 a.m. And though the Boston city line is only 4 and a half to 5 miles away, that part of the trip could take 45 minutes. Then we have to cross Boston. I know the hospital is close to Fenway Park but driving there for me, after 35 years, would be a bit of a hassle, GPS or not.

So that's what's going on now. I spent some time earlier this evening at, conveniently next door, Arlene's back yard. We had a little wine and got to watch the international space station pass through the night sky, at around 9:15 p.m. The local weatherman tipped us off. It was like a quick moving, blinking star. We also discussed a trip to the Kennedy Museum. Neither one of us have ever been there. And of course we both expressed our longing to get back to our own little paradise, Martha's Vineyard. That won't happen until the last week in September into October. It's the latest we've ever been there. Maybe I'll catch some changing leaves.  I would love to live there but realistically I could never afford it and if I found a place I could afford it would be right where all the tourists go in the summer. Now if I were rich I could buy an ocean view home and avoid all the summer racket. Actually I'm grateful that I can afford to spend 2 weeks a year there. Life could be much worse.
So that's an update as to what's happening 'round these here parts. My friend Beth is in my thoughts. I haven't read any of the updates for the last 3 or 4 days but I read Beth's. I will let her know that I am thinking of her. In fact I hope everyone who knows Beth will send a prayer, a good thought or whatever you would do when you know that someone you care about could use some positive energy. Feel better my friend.

I'm outta here     


  1. Sorry to hear your sister having surgery. I pray all will be corrected. I will let Beth tell you as I saw her post on Facebook. Prayers for Beth too. Sorry you are having issues with your car. Be sure to have change for vending machines at hospital. Wait...change? I guess dollar bills eh? Times have changed to coin a phrase.

  2. Today is your sister's scheduled surgery and I know you are very concerned. We, who care so much about our blogging friends and their families, await to hear updates and good news whenever possible. Just know you are supported with love.

  3. Boston Boy, We all know your concern for your sister. Doesn't it seem at times that so many things can start bugging us, broken cars, appliances and such....but health issues out weigh all that. When I was young I think I just took good health for granted. Even though at 14 I had rheumatic fever. I came out of that without a heart murmur...so I was always very strong . I think I am still strong for an old lady even now. But I can tell lots of little health things drive us nuts. My arthritis is one major pain. LOL. I will pray for your sister. I too have been thinking of Beth. I want her well . Wish we could send her a card. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. Sorry to hear of your sister's surgery Paul, I hope all goes well for her.
    As for Beth also always in my thought's and Prayers such a dear Lady.
    Best Wishes , Sheila.

  5. Hope you have your arm floaties on! I saw tonight the flooding rains are headed your way. Wow! Thought I would stop by here. I tried emailing and it came back.

  6. Paul I am so sorry that your sister irs still having health problems. I will remember her in prayer.