Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My car is fixed and other ramblings.

I just read a few articles on foods you shouldn't eat. For the most part I did alright. Even though I work (part time now heh heh heh) in a deli department I have pretty much eliminated cold cuts from my diet save for the occasional ingesting of all natural turkey and Swiss cheese. Swiss cheese and it's various derivatives, are naturally low in sodium. In fact it's amongst the lowest of all the cheeses. Somewhere between 60 to 100 hundred milligrams per serving. In fact I tell people who ask these questions to be sure they understand how these numbers are broken down. When you look at the nutritional content numbers of anything, fat, sodium etc. you have to understand what they mean in relation to serving size. People buy stuff because it says "low fat", "low sodium", "lower fat", "lower sodium" "reduced" and so on. It's all a bit misleading. A serving size for cheese is one ounce, maybe a one inch cube. Swiss is among the best and American Cheese is the worst. It can have up to 400 milligrams per ounce. In fact it isn't really officially cheese. It's "pasteurized processed cheese food". Doesn't that sound yummy! Now I'm first to admit that Land O Lakes American is tasty and great on a burger. In fact I had a cheeseburger Sunday at the cookout at Arlene 's house. But generally I now stay away from all processed food. They're just not good for you. There's nothing I would enjoy more than a large Italian sub, with everything on it including hot peppers and a bag of Wise potato chips. There's enough salt and fat in that sandwich and the chips for a couple of days.

Most deli meats are loaded with salt. One of the worst that we sell is the imported ham with over 700 milligrams per serving. With meats a serving is two ounces. The best you could probably get in a deli is a natural turkey. It's naturally low in fat and can be had with a reasonable amount of sodium. We sell a natural turkey breast with 260 milligrams of sodium and very little fat. That's it for ingredients. It's quite good and tastes like it was sliced right of the bird. Oddly enough, as I write this it's about 11:30 on Tuesday evening. The news is about to end and what do you think I just heard? At some fair, somewhere they are selling a Twinkie stuffed with a Twix, wrapped in bacon and deep fried. And we wonder why America is fat. I can just hear the fat coursing through the veins saying, "C'mon boys! Follow me to the heart!"

Anyway the main reason I am writing all this is that today as I waited to pick up my car, I was getting thirsty and I noticed there was a Dunkin' Donuts essentially across the street. I asked Andy, my mechan... I mean my auto technician, I don't mean to insult auto mechan... I mean technicians. Anyway I asked Andy if he would like an iced coffee. You can't throw a rock without hitting a Dunkin' Donuts around here. It's almost like an infestation. So I crossed the street and noticed that there was a roast beef place next door to Dunkies (That's what they call them around here. By the way their coffee is all right but their donuts are crappy). Any way I saw the roast beef place and it was about 3 p.m. and I hadn't had lunch so I decided to go wild and get a roast beef sandwich with barbecue sauce and a small order of fries. I haven't had one in about 8 years. Boy was it good. The upshot of all this blather? I have been drinking ever since. Not alcohol, just carbonated water. Though there is some sodium in a deli style roast beef (It's not bad in beef but then there is the red meat thing) it was the fries. So I had my little fling and now I should probably wait another 8 years before I have another beef and fry combo.

Here's another picture from way back when. It's not in Italy but right here a few miles east of here at the ocean. Revere Beach (America's first public beach!) to be specific. It used to be a great place with all the amusements and food stands and clubs etc. The amusement went away in the early '70s as they were old and rickety at that point. All replaced by expensive seaside condos though there are still a few clubs there. I think I posted this picture before back on Spaces as "babies first drink".
   Update, Wednesday morning. It's gonna be a hot one. Our first 90 degree day in quite a while. This has been the best summer, weather wise, in a long time. I have my car back and am grateful 
to Andy, my car guy, for diagnosing the problem the problem and fixing it. He charged about the same as the dealership except for one thing. He fixed it. The dealership, with all they have at their disposal, was unable or unwilling to fix it. And you know what? Even though it doesn't mean anything to anybody here on Blogger, I'm going to mention their name, Sentry Lincoln-Ford. They flat out stink.  Buying a car is one thing. You have enough resources at your disposal to find out a fair price but as far as repair work, I have sworn once again to stay away from the dealership. Andy you're the best!
Alrighty then. It's time to get my act together and run a few errands. First I am going to re-read this. I re-read some of my posts after publishing and have seen some silly mistakes, not counting spelling. Never one of my strong suits.
Ten four , over and out.
I'm outta here.   


  1. You should mention Andy's service cause he should get recognition. Ok the twix inside a twinkie bacon whaaah? OMG it made my heart pulpitate.. So glad your car is fixed, no I didn't mean neutered but ennaway running great!
    We love our car and the dealershop...great folks. I'll let you know if they are great after a problem heh. One thing that disturbed us and we TOLD them that was one month after we bought it we got a letter saying the recall replacement parts were in and to bring it in. Huh? We knew there was a recall a couple years ago but thought it was 'fixed' but it wasn't and took two years to get the parts? Dealer said they had no idea (?) even asked what he problem was and hubby said it wouldn't have shut off and a fire would start. Hubby suggested to TELL buyers if a recall was done or not but they didn't know? Is it legal to sell a car unfixed? Sorry I wrote a blog in your blog. Cute photo. Now I wonder if I can insert a twix in my bratwurst.

  2. I am glad your car is fixed Paul.

    We have a brand new Dunkin' Doughnut here in town that opened up last week. I agree, the doughnuts are far from exceptional.

    I hope your sister is doing well.

  3. You are in fine fettle it seems my friend. I am so glad to read of your continued good health and your life is happy. xo

  4. Wonder when I will start wondering about my diet. I just don't, foolish I supposed. Good for you! Can I borrow your mechanic? The lawn tractor won't start.