Friday, August 15, 2014

Hey I remember this place!

Yup it's been a while. I have started three different  blogs since my sister went into the hospital. By the way she's home and doing well. There were some early grumbles from my middle sister about the younger and her demanding ways which were actually quite amusing.

Oh I had written about what a pain it can be driving in Boston and then driving home. A one point I missed an exit because after getting in the left lane to take an exit, I had to get in the right lane to get on the main highway. They wouldn't let me in. We headed off in a direction I had never been but soon enough I saw an exit for a street I was familiar with and we made it home fairly easily. I do feel sorry for out of stator's trying to find their way around. I don't count the other New England States. It's when I see a car from Tennessee or Utah. Good luck to you brother! This is all part of living around here, still it's my home and I love Boston.

Remember the big moon last week? Here's a few pictures I took from Arlene's back yard as we enjoyed some wine.

 There are times I don't feel as retired as I want to be. True I am only working part time but essentially I am only working one day less and making far less money. This may change when vacation time is over. I am looking to take a week off in a week or two and Arlene and I are patiently waiting for the end of September into October when we head back to you know where. It's the latest in the year we have gone. Even if the weather is iffy it will be good to escape to the peace and quiet that we should find there, as we have never been there this late in the year. As much as we love Martha's Vineyard we would never go in the summer, though it would be neat to catch a glimpse of the President.

So that's it for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. The moon looks mellow yellow. I replyed to your email and it failed and said 'you did not exist permanently'. I laughed so hard at that statement but then didn't know how to get a hold of you. 3 other blogs? Where? Semi retired is like a semi boneless ham or bologna. ;-)

  2. Love the shots of the moon. Forgot all about it and missed the whole thing. I dislike driving or riding on interstate highways. Scares the devil out of me (hey, maybe that's a good thing). Happy your sister is doing fine.

  3. Boston Boy, Just what kind of camera are you using. I loved the moon pictures. And I hate my new camera. Bib bummer. Hey, I do not even want to drive down hwy 31 into Indianapolis. Hate allt eh new fancy smacy round abouts. I use to drive to Indy and loved it. No any more. Actually if I never went there again, I would not cry about it. And boy I know Boston's traffic is far worse. I have traveled in L.A. and the beltway in D.C. , so I have seen traffic. yikes. Oh also the Dan Ryan in Chicago. I know you and Arlene are going to love your matter what the weather. I will say the last time we went to D.C. it was in Oct. and it snowed on us before we got home. you said when you do know the roads so well. I need a license plate that says ," Don't know where I am going, stay back. " LOL.
    Have you been to Beth's site....she needs our prayers. So glad the news is good about your sister. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  4. I have been waiting to hear that your sister is doing well and that you are still in one piece after traveling those difficult highways during your past weeks. When Nancy mentioned "mellow yellow" - I HAD to play my music file. Good song! Hang in - vacation time for you and Arlene is just around the bend.

  5. Happy to hear your sister is doing just Fine Paul.
    Love those shots Magical! Heavy traffic hate it try to avoid it at all costs.
    Take Care both of you .

  6. I love the pis of the moon Paul. Awesome.