Sunday, July 27, 2014

This blog will go where it goes.

Not a great title, but though I am writing this now, I don't know what I'm going to write by the time I get to the end. With one exception. It's a bit of a rant. I work in Cambridge Ma. (part time, semi-retired you know) Cambridge is only one city away from my city. It's not all that far at all. Driving in early in the morning is a breeze. I pass Harvard every day and that leads right into Harvard Square. Harvard Square is a funky bustling place. During the summer it is especially crowded. Lot's of tourist, tours, students, locals, shoppers, cars cabs, trucks and so on. Normally, though congested, my route is pretty straight forward. A couple of lights and I'm on my way. Coming home it's roughly the same route reversed. Well now there's lot's of roadwork going on in the area. I was stuck behind a young woman in a Prius. Every time the traffic moved I had to toot my horn because she had her head down. No doubt staring at her little hand held device. As I sat in traffic I watched the herds of people crossing the streets and walking down the sidewalks. A good chunk of them were off in their own little worlds. Ear buds in, walking with a transfixed gaze on a little screen like some techno zombie. Let me say here that I think these devices are wonderful. It is truly amazing how things have been miniaturized and how such a small device are capable of so much. But there are a lot of distracted people out there. Some have stepped off a curb before looking to see the traffic situation. I've seen that more than a few times. Another amazing device that kind of irks me are the little phones that are worn on the ear. It is  amazing and yet what does it say about the person? I'm so busy that I haven't got the time to pick up or reach into my pocket for the phone. I'm that important. Maybe in 100 years everybody will have some device implanted in their heads.

So now it's early Sunday afternoon. It's raining at the moment. I was up early today and took a ride into work to get my schedule for next week. I could have phoned in but that can be a bit of a nightmare too long to explain. I had mentioned above that I go through Harvard Square to and from work. Well as I left the store this morning I found my little camera in the bin in my car. I stuck it on my dashboard while sitting at a light. It's somewhere between 7 and 8 A.M. The square is not crowded and it's overcast. I took a couple of brief videos. Believe me it's no academy award winner. They're quick and as I hit home I decided to visit a graveyard in the center of town. It dates back to pre revolutionary times. I stopped and took some pictures. Once again things like this are literally in my back yard and I take it for granted.

So I stuck the two video clips and the pictures together. Please excuse the music on the clips. It was stuff I was playing at the time. You don't get much of a shot of the Harvard front gates, but the whole thing was spur of the moment while I was driving.

It's been a busy week and I haven't had much computer time. I started this blog on Friday, continued it on Sunday morning and hopefully finishing it up tonight, Sunday evening. This afternoon I was invited next door as it was Arlene's brother's birthday. It was a nice time. They fed me and we had cake! I haven't had a piece of cake in two years (my choice). So now here I sit trying to wrap this thing up. Hey! I have an idea!
That's it for now.
I'm outta here.


  1. Boston Boy, I could almost see your head bobbing to Queen on your way. LOL. I love that music. You sure have the history at your back door. Wonderful things to see and do. I am just like you...who is that important with the phones??? How do they walk ....the 1st person must not be on a cell, cause the others sort of follow without watching. They drive that way also, be careful out there. I want a bumper sticker that say, "my secretary takes all my calls." To be one real important takes their own calls. I am not hooked to a phone. I have one for emergencies.. Blessings to you and your pal Arlene...say hi for me. xoxo,Susie

  2. Heard that there was a weather event up there near you today. Did it affect you?? By the way, The telephone situation is a subject I could write about all day. They seem to be attached to people with an umbilical cord. It's laughable and pitiful at the same time. (Personal opinion - mine,)

  3. Interesting video. So much history! Glad you had cake and I bet you ate it too eh? I cannot fathom living in such a crowded place. The traffic would give me a heart attack. I wondered about that tornado if it was near you. Have a good week Paul.

  4. Seems like an ongoing thing , people so lost in their little devices.
    You must be used to all traffic and hustle , nice to take time out. Glad you enjoyed the cake and best wishes
    to you and Arlene . Enjoy your week.