Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yup I went to the auto show but I didn't make it to the museum but I still plan to. An exhibit featuring artifacts from Pompeii including the casts of people who died after being covered in volcanic ash and lava, though gruesome in some regards, is still an amazing sight. I want to apologise to a couple of my friends. I read your blogs but I couldn't leave a comment. Whether it was my computer or the Internet last night (Wed.) I couldn't say. For example I had no problem with Beth's or Carole's but I couldn't leave a comment on Nancy's or others.  Anyway the auto show was fun as it always is. I have loved cars since I was young. Every year my father would take me to all the dealerships in the fall when all the new models would be debuted and ever since then I have an emotional connection to cars and their styling and performance. I only owned one performace car (read fast) in my life. It was a blast to drive. When it worked. It was the biggest pain in the hind quarters, no what I mean to say it was a big pain in the ass! It drained my bank account at the time. It was all my fault because I did a lot of reading up on it and they pretty much said the same thing. When it worked it was great but it was prone to all kinds of problems. I bought it anyway. It gave me one good year of service out of the 5 total years that I owned it. It was a 1991 Ford Taurus SHO (Super High Output). I did buy another Taurus afterwards but it was more of the garden variety. I just got rid of it this passed August. I have nothing bad to say about it. It gave me 11 years of good dependable service and was still going strong when I traded it in. It was a comfortable, reliable car. In 11 years all I replaced were tires and a small bit in the rear suspension. That was it. No oil leaks. No oil burning. I only hope my present car car work as well.

I did make a movie of the auto show but I opted for a slideshow of the pictures I took. I tried to find car based music to play underneath it but only came up with one and it was too short so I ended up setting it to a bluesy tune that was almost the exact length of all the pictures. That is next.
I can't seem to stay awake much past 9:30 or 10:00 these days. I get quite a workout breaking down pallets and they should provide a bus line to get from one part of the store to another as it is needlessly huge for the business it does. It's a very nice store and it's only 6 or 7 years old but it didn't have to be this big. Oh and the parking lot is terrible. We are next to a McDonalds and this attracts large groups of birds. Particularly pigeons and sea gulls. They are constantly flying about leaving little gifts from their feathered colons. And what makes it worse are the people who come to feed them. Of course there's not much that can be done about it.

Well I actually had a lot more to write about but I can't remeber what it was. I have a couple of hours of consciousness left. I will attempt to visit around, do my dinner dishes and hit the sack. Boy am I tired these days.
Goodnight/good morning/ good afternoon my friends,
I'm outta here.


  1. I have been able to read your comment on my recent blog. I'm from a "Ford Family" and have a truck and a Mercury. All good. My first car was a '39 Ford Coupe! My dad had 14 Fords/Mercs/Linc during his lifetime and my mom wrote a neat story about them and he and her and and and...Oh well.

  2. Great slide show and the music is really good. My SIL likes the auto shows too.
    The weather here is shi**y and it is to get about 14 below zero tonight wind chill and more snow tomorrow.

    Get rested up bro, you don't have many years left till you can retire.

  3. Hi Boston Boy, Nice car pics. As far as the commenting issue, a few days ago, Blogger changed it so you can now reply to other people comments, as long as they are using the "embedded" setting. Unfortunately there is a bug in the new system. If you are using Internet Explorer when you try to comment, you might try Firefox or Chrome instead as the people using IE seem to be having the most problems. Have a good day tomorrow!

  4. I fixed the comment problem. Yes I neutered it by having a pop up window someone suggested. It appears to be working. Not sure about a feathered colon but bird droppings are a disease waiting to be had. I moved the bird feeder further away from the house as I am allergic to bird dander. Interesting car show. Thanks for the video. The art of bodies encrusted by volcanic ash is right up there seeing kids trying to catch a greased pig in mud at the fair ;-0

  5. Yo Bro, please stop by my blog. I have an award for you.