Saturday, January 28, 2012

Well first I would like to publicly thank Beth for nominating me for a Blogger award. As I said in a comment on her page I don't have that many friends and no that statement is not a sympathy ploy. It's just a statement of fact. This has it's benefits. My blogging time has become limited and writing a blog takes me forever sometimes. Not having that many friends shortens the time I take to read all the updates. Back in the good old days of Spaces I had gathered 75 friends within a year. Now fortunately not everyone updated their blogs all the time, in fact there were only about 20 core friends that would update on a fairly regular basis and truthfully that was more than enough for me. After about a year I cut it back to 40 because some of these folks would update once in a while. I suppose I got caught up in the "try to gather as many friends as possible for bragging rights" when I first started. A sort of "mine is bigger than yours" situation, but that is actually pointless. I have to say I really liked the set up they had at first. It was well designed and very easy to use. You has your friends list and whenever anybody had written a blog a little star or asterisk would appear next to their picture. You'd click on it and it would take you to their Space. Simple and direct. Access to your photo albums could be placed right on your blog and with one click you could view all the pictures. It's like a well designed dashboard in a car. Features are placed intuitively so your don't have to take your eyes off the road to turn the heat, air conditioner or radio on. I recently purchased a car (last July) and though it is a very nice car, The dash is a nightmare of little buttons not to mention the straight line blocky design is just plain dull. The one plus is that I have an actual clock and not some digital readout that you can't see on a sunny day. I have to take my eyes off the road to turn on the radio, change the station, turn on the heat or air conditioner. Not to mention those outside temperature readouts are rarely accurate when you can read them. The same went for Spaces. They took a simple to use, well designed blog, tarted it up with complicated "improvements" when in reality they were planning to kill the blog and make it a Facebook wannabe. That's not a knock on Facebook, which I don't use, it was Windows being disingenuous to all the bloggers. All of this seemed to happen all of a sudden but it was planned from the get go. Too bad. It was a fun place. I got to meet and actually talk to on the phone people from all over the world. From Thailand to California. Some of those people, actually most of my core group came here to Blogger but three in particular haven't posted anything in two years. I miss them as I miss the ones who never made the switch. They were fun. On the other hand I am grateful for the folks who did make the switch and that I am am still in contact with them. You ladies know who you are. Still there are two who haven't posted in a while. Marge and Michiko. I hope they are OK though I'm sure they have their reasons for not updating, but it would be great to have them back. 

What does this long winded diatribe have to do with anything? It all comes back to Beth giving me a blogging award. Don't get me wrong I do appreciate it. It's just that since I have such a small group of followers who actually take the time to come here and comment, listing 5 of those people will leave a few out and I don't want to insult anybody. It's a bit of a dilemma. We all use our blogs to express different things. And choosing from a small group and leaving a couple out might make for hard feelings. This is something that I don't want. 

I have written this over the course of two days I started this blog late Friday evening and am finishing it on Saturday night near 10:00  and really have not had the chance to look at my followers list. I will do this in a day or two. I hope you understand Beth it's not that I don't want to accept this award but I have to look and decide what I'm going to do. And Beth I am flattered.

A couple of days ago I read on Nancy's blog about a challenge she found on another blog. There was a picture of an elephant and the point of it was to take that picture add or change the elephant. This is my entry. I call it Helephants Angels.
  OK it's time for me to wind this up. I am finally done. Soon it will be time for bed. It's been a long day and I am off tomorrow.

I"m outta here.


  1. That's OK Bro. You cam keep the award. Just paste it on the sideboard, You don't have to name anyone. Why?? Cause I am older than you and I said so!! ;-)

  2. Hey your elephant is really cool! I had fun doing mine. Maybe we should do this once a month. I feel the same as you. Beth it's a ditto for me too I think.
    Marge is on FaceBook everyday and closed her blog for now. She is doing ok.
    Steve in Alaska and Greg in Branson are on FaceBook everyday too. That's why I rejoined again as my space friends are there, most annaway. Have a great day off and don't spend it doing chores ;-)

  3. Love the elephant. Haven't gone to try that yet, but does look like fun. I don't always get on everyday but sure do try for at least a few times a week. Sometime we just get so caught up in the every day that something has to give. Never had a real large friends group, but the ones I have are the best and so cherished.

  4. Several definitions of "blog" are "out there" but I like this one best:

    "A blog is a personal diary. A daily pulpit. A collaborative space. A political soapbox. A breaking-news outlet. A collection of links. Your own private thoughts."

    I think it needs to be added that it's a connection to the outside world. So I will continue to blog on......

  5. Well I am glad I did eventually make the switch Paul, the Spaces day's where good days and I met a lot of interesting people. I still enjoy your writing , I think you so deserve that award. Fun Elephant , hope you have a good few days off. Sheila