Saturday, January 14, 2012

It's been a long week but I survived.

Perhaps grueling would be a better word. It's all connected with work. Without going into detail it was a combination of sick calls and late deliveries. I still have one day to go as I am working a late shift today. However I am looking passed the days work to get home and watch The New England Patriots play The Denver Bronco's here at home. As much success as all The Boston area/New England teams have had the last 11 years and as good as the Patriots have been they haven't won a playoff game since 2007. I know boohoo. Tonight's game features Tim Tebow who has been all over the TV the few weeks. I of course will be rooting for the Pats. I am amused at all the talk of Divine intervention because of Tebow's constant mentioning of "The Lord". Personally I find it a bit much. He's not the first player to do this and there's nothing wrong with it but all the people who think God will intervene in a football game are off the deep end as far as I am concerned. It's gonna be cold tonight. With the wind chill factor it could get close to 0. Tebow has been in the national spotlight. You can't watch a national news brodcast with seeing a story on him. I've got nothing against him. He's a very good player and I don't blame the people from Denver for going loopy over him. We would do the same here but this national ferver is over the top and we have a pretty good player on our team, Tom Brady. This day is going to be a blur to me as I can't wait for my work day to be over. I should be home in time to watch the bulk of the game. I can't wait! Go Pats!

I have been so beat down from work this week. I got home threw some food down my gullet, took care of some domestic issues (laundry and the like), and then I was asleep. It's not getting any easier and I can't wait to get out. I have a few years to go but I might be able to retire in a couple of years depending on how comfortable I feel with the money I have saved. I wouldn't be averse to working part time after I retire but I am approaching 41 years (April 1st. no joke.) and my company has been through many changes since 1999 with a series of owners and constant changes in policy and general confusion as to what the hell is going on. My original company started in 1915 and we were the benchmark in the supermarket business around here. Quite innovative. We used to have a bundle pick-up meaning you would pay for your groceries, they would be put in a numbered box on a conveyer belt which would disappear into the floor. You would drive around to the side of the store and your groceries would magically appear and put into your car. You know those plastic mesh bags oranges come in. My old company contacted Dow Chemical in the 50's and had this developed. If you were in the supermarket business around here years ago working for "Star" was a feather in your cap. But that's the past. I guess I am fortunate to still be working but it's getting near the end and I am getting tired.

Tomorrow I hope to go to the Museum of Science to view an exhibit on Pompei and Monday I will be heading to the auto show. I always enjoy seeing cars I will never be able to own. Can't wait!

Alrighty then I have been ramblin' on (The check's in the mail Carole.) for a while here and I must soon get myself ready for work.

I'm outta here.


  1. I so agree about Tebow and divine intervention. God has so many other serious things to watch over. Besides he has the Packers to take care of, lol. Now you know I'm kidding. Let's hope we meet at the big show. Hope things settle down for you.

  2. I wouldn't mind seeing The Pack and The Pats in the big game. You know we do owe you for the pasting we too back in the 90's. Back then the Patriots were just emerging as an NFL power. Since then we've had more of our share of success. Both teams are similar. Great quarterbacks and offence and not so great defence. It could be a shootout at the OK corral.

  3. I would say that God has the Chicago Bears to watch over but that is a laugh. Terry is so right when she says God has serious things to take care of. I hope your team wins Bro and I hope that you get to retire in 2 years.

  4. Take a deep breath---you're just "paying your dues" to retire. Retirement can be wonderful if you keep on truckin' 'til you get there! Enjoy your car show and museum visit. It would be nice to have an interesting museum nearby for me. You are fortunate.

  5. The 'boomers' mostly work after retirement to supplement their income. It's a fact of life now days it seems. Keeping active is key. I would love to see photos of the car show.