Monday, January 9, 2012

MSN Help. No help at all.-MSN cancelled.

You know I actually wrote a blog last night. I switched to the new Blogger design and didn't quite understand how it worked and instead of publishing I apparently deleted it. I'm back to the old familiar Blogger look. At least everything is labeled. I ended my quest on finding a way to change the MSN administrator so I could change my password. So I could save a couple of things and then shut the whole MSN connection. About a twelve year connection that led me to Windows Live Spaces. For me that was an enjoyable time. I met and spoke with people from all over the world. Singapore, California, Maryland, Australia, England. It was all a wonderful connection. Laughs, private laughs. A death. A fight verbal between 
a guy and myself concerning a problem with the late friend of ours Duckie. It started when Duckie was upset over something that was said to or about her by this person. I commented that this person could make fun of me if he wanted but leave Duckie alone. Duckie died sometime in 2009 I think. She happened to live very close to me, maybe 20 to 25 miles, though we never met. The whole thing was fun though. We all know what happened to Spaces. The whole Microsoft connection From Spaces to MSN. Always a landmine here and there though I don't blame them for my most recent woes.  

Since my email address was hijacked the password was changed. I had no control over what emails went out from that address. For me to change my password and gain control I would have to be the Administrator of the email address. The only way I was going to change that password is to identify and prove to MSN I was the actual administrator of the address. On a search for help on MSN I submitted my problem. They emailed back, fairly quickly saying I was who I said I was and that they would email back a solution in about 24 hours which they did. The email said, click on this link to change your password. I thought, "Cool!" What do I learn when I get there? The first instruction, Log into your MSN account. I CAAANN'T!!! THAT'S WHY I EMAILED MSN HELP IN THE FIRST PLACE! Ahem. Pardon me for shouting. Below that is written, "Only the email administrator can change the password." No Shit Sherlock! To sum up this blast of hot air from the east (If you live in the U.S. that is) I went back to MSN and began to look for how I can cancel my whole MSN subscription. I found it and I did it. MSN KAPUT! However if you look at the top of my blog you still see my old address. Why? I don't know. I can access this blog from several places. Changing this blogs administrator is as difficult as changing it at MSN.I may eventually settle down in Google. I have a Google address, a Verizon address and a hot mail address now.
I emailed Beth, Carole and Nancy. Carole's email came back to me because I entered all my address by hand and may have miss a dot or something. I think Nancy's email came back because it's just an old one. I will check into seeing what's wrong with Carole's address and Nancy you can get it from Beth if you need it unless there are other options.

As I mentioned before MSN will begin a monthly charge for it's email service on March 1st. If you don't sign up everything disappears. So it was gone one way or another. I ain't payin'!

I still have more to do computer-wise but I have begun shifting things around but I believe I'm in much better shape than I was a few days ago.

I've gone on long enough.
I'm outta here.



  1. Very impressed seeing myself quoted in The Daily Crap. Love it!
    I do hope that you get everything straightened out soon. I put your new address in a safe place so I will have it for Nancy and Carole.

  2. I am an OLD One? Oh wait the email is on my HollarWood and you can email it to me at...
    I still say make t-shirts of being hijacked at MSN ;-)

  3. That's what we should have all done when they started phasing out "Spaces" and treating us so bad!

  4. What a bunch of crap. I agree with Gerry.

  5. I want it toooooo...don't forget meeeeee.

  6. Blessings...
    Sounds like a rollercoaster, so am lost, MSN is going to charge for emails? Forgive my ignorance but is this the hotmail emails? Bear with me here am slow on the uptake on this stuff, so clue me in cause i still have lots of pics and stuff left over from SPACES days.

    The Daily Crap? lol, lol, lol, pretty inventive that name.

    Have a fab day.....
    Fabulicious Rhapsody

  7. They are going to charge for MSN Premium which I have had for more than a decade. As for as I know Hotmail will still be free.