Thursday, January 5, 2012

About my email address...

Apparently my email address has been hijacked. Please disregard an email you may have received from me. I do not have a sick cousin in Spain and I'm not looking for $12,000. I have a new email address that I will send out to the folks who I have corresponded with in the past. I'm not sure how this happened but in the long run it doesn't matter as MSN and Verizon will no longer be partners as of March 1. If I wanted to continue with MSN I would now have to pay a monthly service charge. As the little Geico gecko says, "Fagetabout it!" Fortunately I have all my emails addresses from my address book printed out. This will end my association with Windows Live. That doesn't matter either. I never go there.

So now I have to make several phone calls to people who left messages telling me about what they had received including one to California. What a big pain in the ass!

But for now I'm going to make some dinner and forget about the computer for a while.

I'm outta here.


  1. I definitely believe in hard copy. What a nuisance and inconvenience for you this is!

  2. I got the msg on 3 of my email addresses. Just be sure you remember at least one of my addresses Paul.

  3. No problem, just send me back the check!

  4. I had to eliminate the Rss Feed because It kept sending me the same messages from you. Received several just now. I deleted and trashed each and emptied trash and another would come in.

  5. Gerry..that was funny!

    I got it on my mail email which surprised me. You and three other bloggers know that address. That's it. Did you get the email I sent back alerting you?

    BUT that doesn't count as they just steal all the addresses and go fro there.

  6. I received one today Paul straight to the trash..Enjoy your day

  7. Sorry that happened to you Paul. Does that mean I should change me email address now? It came in my local one which would be a pain to change.
    Have a nice weekend.