Monday, January 23, 2012

What a game!

I won't go on about the game but the New England Patriots are going back to the Super Bowl again! It was a nail biter right down to the last few seconds. We here in the New England region have been very fortunate sports wise over the last 10 years with 7 championships from the various sports teams and now the Patriots are headed back to the Super Bowl for the 5th time in 10 years going for their 4th championship. Just incredible! Boy are we lucky!

Here's a link to my auto show pictures.I have already posted them in a little as a slide show, I just want to know if the link works. It works for me but I may have to change the settings for everybody else. This will be the future home of any pictures of great quantity.!107&parid=657692B4E34B334B!106&authkey=!AFoRHrlBGamdttU

Another goofy Tom Doyle song here. The original song was "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover". Of course the subject matter is just a tad different. 
Not to talk about football again, but last week during the playoffs we at work got a memo at work asking us to make a few cheese platters with brie cheese for the playoffs. Nothing says football like brie. We only made 3 and they didn't sell and yet while I was watching the game what did I see? A commercial for the very same President's Brie that we sell. Maybe it's just a generational thing or just the neighborhood that I am presently working in. It might have worked in the store I was just transferred from, but that was Cambridge, this is not.

You know I had other stuff to write about but I've forgotten. I have to get ready to go out for a bite to eat. I have also been interrupted by the phone several times. There are times when I would shoot the phone if I had a gun. Of course I do have a hammer...
I'm outta here.


  1. Oh frigging wow, oh sorry but i actually got on to leave a comment her so i got a bit carried away.

    Not into football so it does not make much of a difference who wins or loses. though i know many are already placing their bets.

    have a great week

  2. Your link works fine for me to see all of your nice car photos. I had difficulty finding a comment place to post this though.

  3. Your photos are great Paul!! You did good Bro!

    Congrats to your team. May they go all of the way!

  4. Hey it looks like I can comment again. Good Luck to your Patriots, though being a National League fan hoping for a Giant win. Then I can say my Packers got beat by the champs, lol.

  5. Hey I can comment! Oh yay Pats, ahem, ya well it was a good game.
    50 ways was very funny!
    Brie, never had it. Must be an acquired taste.
    I hope your week goes well for you and the weather nice.
    Hope you visit to see my video ;-)
    Take care my friend!

  6. Hey there! It's the long lost woman here. BUT that doesn't mean I don't guiltily think of you and the rest of the blog family. Been busier than hen's teeth. xox

  7. Not sure if I left you a note or not so please stop by my blog as I have an award for you.

  8. I did not taunt the fish I FED them..wonder if anyone else bothers?? I took my fish off and added a DOG! YAY! Love them better. I agree that some playoff games are just about as good as the real Superbowl. These last two were wonderful! I hate to see a Superbowl with all one coast represented though..somehow it seems better if it is east coast and west coast against another. Like the teams don't care who wins really just let it be a great edge of the seat game to watch. MADONNA for half time? What were they thinking?? Ughhhh... take care! : )