Monday, October 31, 2011

Little snow here but 2' in other spots.

A good portion of New England was clobbered with as much as 2' of snow in an unprcidented early storm. Here along the coast the forecast was right on. About an inch or two. That;s what we got. Still it didn't stop people from buying up a storm, so to speak, on Saturday. It was a crappy day to be sure. Sun in the morning. Rain in the afternoon and wet snow in the evening. When I went out yesterday morning there was about an inch or so of slushy snow on my car and a bit on the ground but that was it. I had menetioned previously that I was going to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery for som fall shots. I did in fact go Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day but as it is on my street there still much green on the trees. It was very disapointing. Don't get me wrong it's still a beautiful place and there were splashes of color here and there but we seem to be behind schedule in the color department and way ahead of schedule in the winter weather department. I ended up pulling into the cemetery and as I drove around a bit I decided to come back next week hoping for a better color showing. It's a big cemetery. 175 acres. I took a wrong turn and found myself driving around a maze of little roads. I knew I would eventually find my way out but I ended up doing a bit more driving than I expected. So I plopped the camera on the dash and starte video taping (although no tape was involved) my meandering drive. My plan was to make my way to the outer edge and drive until I got back to the gates. The gates close at sundown and I wouldn't want to be trapped in there for the night. OK it was only 10:30 in the morning. The place is encased with a rod iron fence about 8 or 10 feet high. The top of the fence has these spikey things so trying to climb it in the dark wouldn't be advised. As far as I know nobody has escaped at night. My friend Chuck who lives in the area tells of a night he was walking down the street at night, (The cemetery is on a main road.) and he heard someone calling for help. I guess it's quite easy to get lost in the dark on 175 acres. As I write this I am uploading the video I made yesterday. At the end of the video I included pictures that I ahave taken in the past during the fall at the cemetery. Those of you from the old days of Spaces will have seen them before but I still love these photos.

Back to the snow. We dodged a bullit along the coast. Others were not so lucky. Just last Sunday I was at Mt. Greylock near the upper left hand corner of the state. It was a nice day. The temperature was about 60 degrees. Now it's under two feet of snow. As the old saying goes, If you don't like the weather,wait a minute. I can understand people wanting to stock up on food with a big storm coming. As I write this there are still about a half a million people in the state without power. What I do wonder about is the rush on snow shovels. What happened to the shovels you had last year. It did snow last year. Quite a lot really. There was a rush on them last year and the year before that... Did they all break? Are there breakthroughs in shovel technology every year? Ive had the same shovel for ten years. The places have lived in in the past I didn't need a shovel because the lots were plowed and everything was shoveled for you save for cleaning you car. Then there are all the people locally who stocked up on food to weather the inch of snow. It's great for business. I guess most people just hunkered down on Sunday and stuffed there faces.

As I said I am uploading a video to YouTube. You do get a better quality by making your video in high def. Well as high a def as my camera will allow. And you can make them substantially longer than Blogger will allow but it takes forever. I have been uploading for over an hour and I'm only at about 45% there. It's 12:45 Monday and it will be another hour plus before I can publish this. The video will be directly below. Time to do some work around here.

I'm outta here.


  1. The music is haunting (I chose that word because it is Halloween.) What a lovely serene drive. I am so glad you finally made it to the gate. The colors from the past are beautiful. What a wonderful place to visit. Good job little bro!

  2. Love the horse-zilla header. I enjoyed your movie. Hope next week the colors will be on the trees and not the ground. Happy Hollarween!

  3. That so nice. Glad you didn't get all that snow the others got.

  4. Man, as I have said too too many times all have fabulous and historical things there in spades. I have suff here too, but it's always that want what you don't have. So glad we have you to show us in a very pleasing manner all that Boston and the surrounding area has to offer.

    No, Admiral isn't looking for an apartment but the way she's squalling these last 5 nights..she's welcome to go with her cat husband to one post haste!

  5. That is the most beautiful cemetery I have ever seen.

  6. Great video! Thank you for prompting my cluttered mind to think back to a simplier time... born and raised in Maine, I remember days like you described. Thanks for the smile you put on my face.

  7. Blessings.....
    How are you?
    A horse, hmmmmm, this must really have spoken to you, hehe, you know what i mean.

    hmmmmm....driving through a cemetry huh, ok, the greenery is cool

    have a great weekend.

  8. Beginning to get just a tiny little bit worried about you bro. You ok or just busy or???