Saturday, October 29, 2011

I was asked a question that I have asked Nancy several times concerning the opening of my video on my last blog. "Where do you get these things?" I put it all together by collecting all the bits and pieces from the Internet. The theater picture came from just using the google image search. I then did the same with the curtain that went up. That came out rather crudely. I did that by using my photo program and the movie maker that comes with Windows 7. Actually if I had used the older movie maker with Windows XP it would have come out smoother. Though the newer Movie Maker has more features, they removed some features. I won't go into it because it will put you and me to sleep. The MGM logo and the picture of the turkey and the trumpeters came from an image search. The opening "Feature Presentation" clip came from a website called "Internet Archive Data Base". It's a collection of thousands of clips, commercials, television shows and so on in the public domain. In other words free. You can find sound effects for free on many sites. That's where I got, the gobble, drum roll, and opening fanfare. The music came from another site that had royalty free music. I've used this site many times. There's actually a lot of great music on it, It ranges from classical, hip hop, blues, mood music and just about any genre you can think of. All of it free.  It was then a matter of putting it all together with my photo program and movie maker. It took longer to make that 40 second opening than it did the rest of the 8 minutes of video but I had fun doing it.
I have a night shift hanging over my head tonight. It looks like I may not be going to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery tomorrow. It appears we around here are in line for a snow storm. I don't think we will get much but it will be slushy, cold and windy. Too bad because I think the foliage there is at it's peak. There are still a lot of leaves on the trees and about 25-30 miles west of Boston they could receive up to a foot of snow. So they are predicting power outages because of the heavy wet snow on the power lines. They are also predicting trees being toppled over because the ground is soaked with water from all the rainfall we have had. So I guess I'll just hunker down on Sunday. Make a nice breakfast, maybe make a slide show from my pictures of the Mt. Auburn Cemetery in the fall. I really can't tell you how beautiful this place is and why it is so special. Here's a link.

OK. It's time for me to brood for about 2 hours waiting to leave for work. When I return tonight it will be rainy and windy. The snow will happen overnight around here. At least that's what the weather people are saying at this moment.

I'm outta here.


  1. Thanks for all of the tips for video making Bro. I have made a lot of videos for family and I used to post one in my blog every now and then. I think I am getting lazy in my old age.

    I watched the game last night and it was awesome!!!!

    Sorry you are having snow predicted. YUCK!!!!

  2. Thank you Paul for the information. I liked the curtain going up. It was like a Python thing. It will be 70 degrees here today, was 19 degrees this morning! Sorry the weather may keep you from the cemetery (that sounded weird eh?) Early snow plus leaved trees is not good. Be sure to stock your shelves just in case. Keep warm. Ok, I think that's it. Beer an chips, that's the ticket.

  3. Thanks for the info Paul. Hopefully I can find a good use for it with all these grandskids. So I'm breaking new ground on my blog, huh? LOL Well someone has too.

  4. It sound very easy but I better not doing anything
    for awhile until I make sure that I can do it...
    We having a showery day But not cold like your weather:-)

  5. Very much enjoyed the video. Beautiful country up there. Hated seeing those damned wind turbines on the skyline though!
    Don't think I'd want to try going up yonder this week with y'alls weather change.
    This inspired me to possibly get my lazy butt out tomorrow with the video and still camera and shoot a video of our neck of the woods.

  6. Blessings......
    Happy Halloween.
    came by earlier but couldn't leave a comment for some unknown reason. Thought I'd try my hand again and see.

    Not much into the video making but thats only because i haven't found me a new toy. Should i indulge i'll keep the tips in mind.

    have a fabulous day.