Thursday, October 27, 2011

My first YouTube video and not much more.

On the left is a video/slide show offering of Mt. Greylock. I uploaded it to YouTube. It's of a much better quality. It's also much longer than anything I have ever posted. It took me longer to put together the opening than it took to put together the rest of the video. It's over 9 minutes long. If you click on it and go to YouTube you can watch in the full screen mode.

   What a rotten day today is weather wise. I had to go to a show and sell program for my company. This involved highway driving in a driving rain. The best part was it was over by 2 o'clock. So my day ended two hours early. The was the best part of the day. Last night I finally turned the heat on. The temperature tickled the high 30's. There is also an outside chance that some parts of this area might receive (four letter word coming up here) snow. Not a lot but still it's just a sign of things to come.

This Sunday, after going out for breakfast, I plan to take a ride to the Mt. Auburn Cemetery. It looks to be a nice day. It can be spectacular in the fall. I might take the tour so I can find the graves of some of the famous people buried there.
  • Oliver Wendell Holmes-Studied medicine in France and wrote articles on how disease spreads and that health care workers should regularly wash their hands. It was considered extreme at the time. Imagine that.
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-poet
  • Fannie Farmer
  • Edwin Land-Polaroid
  • John Bartlett-"Bartletts Quotations
  • Edwin Booth-Actor,Brother of John Wilkes Booth
  • Charles Bullfinch-Architect. Re-designed Boston after the revolution including the statehouse. Later on he desiGned the U.S. Capital Building.
  • Mary Baker Eddy-Founder of the Christin Science Church.
  • Curt Gowdy-Sportscaster
  • Homer Winslow-painter
  • Anne Revere-Actress. Not a household name but she was nominated for best supporting actress in "The Song Of Bernadette" The next year she was cast as Elizabeth Taylor's mother in National Velvet, Taylor's first film. I never heard of her.
So those are my plans for Sunday as long as the weather holds out. It looks to be sunny.

OK. I'm in the process of making chicken soup. I'll be back to visit after I eat.


  1. I LOVED your video. I would like to know where you got the theater front and turkey and well golly you did a wonderful creation in the beginning! Like you say to me....where did you find this stuff?
    I enjoyed the when the sun goes down .....the interpretations were funny. Loved the Beatles music of can't buy me love whilst the unibomber said turn left.
    Visiting the cemetery jist after Halloween and meeting all these famous people, I wonder if the Fruit Cake Lady is buried there? What am I saying? You see you are not the only one. Hope to see a cemetery video.

  2. I really do still envy you being able to see such sights and go to that cemetery. I remember your blogging about that back in MSN days and the pictures were just wonderful. You have such a beautiful area in which to live.

    I had to turn the heat on probably 3 weeks ago. It doesn't run all the time but I have to get that chilly edge off. It's usually about 67 in her at the warmest..trying to save gas (natural gas is 'pensive!)

    I'm too cool in the winter, hot in the summer trying to save on electricity.

    Admiral says I wish I COULD do a video. I'd have to get another caera, a point and shoot with video capability. THEN, heaven help, I'd have to have someone try to train me as to how to attach videos here.

  3. I really enjoyed watching your video with beautiful music it is a wonderful production Paul!
    I think it is not same as just look at photos...
    I guess in future mostly bloggers are going to make video in their post?
    Thank you Paul!

  4. The video was wonderful Paul.

    I have had the heat on here now for quite awhile.

    I can't wait to see your pics from the cemetery. Such famous people buried there.

  5. Oh how I would love to see those sites. What an interesting cemetery that would be. That video was awesome. I'm with Nancy, 'where to you find that stuff'?

  6. I have to join the rest. Your video was beautiful and it makes me want to try but I have the same question...Where did you find that opening stuff? Love it! What a beautiful area there and that cemetery will be very interesting. Great Job!

  7. Beautiful Video Paul your good work paid off Sheila :)