Monday, October 17, 2011

Arghhh! Passwords and more passwords.

Today I installed a wireless router. Another user name and yet another password. I hooked up my aging desktop and soon realised that it was not wireless capable. I was going to leave it up anyway but I couldn't log into msn because I couldn't remember my password. That's the one password I couldn't find. So I click on "forgot your password" phrase to reset it and then they ask me the answer to my secret question. Well it's is a secret question and it's still a secret because if I wrote it down I can't find it. I know the answers to my secret questions I only have a few but if it's not worded exactly and in the proper case then it's tuff tomatoes for you. I chose tomatoes instead of what I was really thinking. Your only other alternative is to call a help line or purge everything from msn, including email addresses, and start all over again. No thanks buddy boy! I was in no mood to call somebody in India and try to understand english through a thick Indian accent. I called customer service about six months ago to cancel a particular anti virus service that had automatically re-billed me when I didn't want to use that service anymore. The rebilling was my fault as I didn't check the little box that would have prevented it. You gotta watch out for things like that. A very nice woman answered. She had the accent but she was understanable. What made me laugh was when she answered the phone she said, "Hello. My name is Arlene. How can I help you?"
Yeah right! You're Arlene and I'm Bhadrak. It means handsome, good and virtuous. Pretty good I must say if you're Indian. That's what companies do. They give their overseas help desk people western names perhaps to put westerners more at ease. But they really aren't fooling anybody. Now I'm not complaining about this woman because she did what she was supposed to do and was very nice about it.

Still I was ticked off about msn. Also not the word I really wanted to use. Why must they make it so difficult. When I lost my google password it was simple to reset it. I typed in my email address. They sent me a link to reset and it was done. It's been the same with other services. Very simple to do.

Apart for all that I got the wireless set up done without any problems on my laptop and my little Eee computer. That's what it's called. It's a little machine 10"x7". It won't take a disk but you can email and surf the web. Perfect for travelling. I took it to Martha's Vineyard. It's much lighter than my laptop.
I aparently need a wireless card for my desktop which is getting a bit long in the tooth. It's from 2006 but it still works well enough for my needs and besides it has Windows XP which is not as fussy as Windows 7. I am not a computer whiz. I just want it to work when I turn it on and do what I know how to do.

My other complaints about Monday. The phone rang all day. Most were people I know. It's not that I didn't want to talk to them. I didn't want to talk to anybody. I have had the last 3 days off and the first two were filled with things to do and places to go. I wanted Monday to be just for me. I didn't want to go anywhere or do anything outside the home. Don't get me wrong I am grateful to have friends and family who want to call me but they all decided to do it on the same day. I am not counting the 800 number calls because I don't bother to answer them. Bless their little automated hearts. I did get stuff accomplished like finally clearing and cleaning up my computer room. That's the place where everything gets stashed until I decide what to do with it or where to put it. In the closet or in the trash. A sort of staging area. I did get that done.

My trip to Mt. Greylock is all set for next Sunday. The weather looks to be good and the foliage should be at peak. They turn earlier in the western part of the state because of the elevation. At least that's my very unscientific reason. The leaves around here are begining to turn. They're about a week late because of all the rain we had this passed summer.

Alright that's enough bitching for now and that is the word I wanted to use and did.
It's approching 10 pm Monday and I have to get back to work tomorrow. Ah nuts (not the word) back to dealing with the great unwashed masses.
Over and out.
I'm outta here.   


  1. That was ah heap of ah decent bi*ch. I'll bet the passwords will come back when you are elevated, up there on the mountain. When the air is thinner and all, you know. Did I imply?
    I will answer the phone with an accent an say this is Peggy if I don't want to talk. You ought to try that. I best not write a book here, so I'll go an wash the masses. Have fun in the alps!

  2. Me too Paul! the last three weeks I has sign for new account email and pass words for I can't remember that I get realy fed up and just don't feel like to blogging...
    It is very nice day 27Celsius and tomorrow is my golf day and it going to be very high temperature
    So far so good I don't take my hey fever pills this morning because I just getting better only a week ago from 28th Aug - 5th Oct.
    I have has before in 2007 it cold dry cough..
    This time more likly dry cough too.
    After 4 PM and my nose is not running:-)
    It going to be testing time for tomorrow would I get hey fever?
    sorry paul all my complains on your space though
    even you have has enough problems on yours.
    Hope Beth has easy time for her I prayes for your sister.

  3. You have wonderful trip to Mt Greylock Paul!
    I looking forward to seen your photos.

  4. When I've had a problem I tell the I want to speak to an American and they transfer me. I was told they have to do that so that is what I do from now on. Glad your all hooked up on your laptop at least. I like XP too, but my desktop is Vista and of course the new laptop is 7. Will be forever figuring that out.

    I know your feeling on the calls, when I want to be alone I don't want to be bothered by anything.

  5. Hey,'s tricks?

    I haven't been around for quite awhile...burnt-out, I suppose. Stopped by Toodie's, stopping by here to pester you a bit, then I'll be on my way again.

    I hear you about the outsourced customer service; my solution is to let Steve handle all that stuff for us. He's the patient one. Me? I just can't deal with customer-service-anything anymore. Messes up my attitude.

    Glad to see you still have your sense of humor and that you're still blogging away; I can't imagine the joint without you here.

    I guess I just felt a little homesick and wanted to see if you guys were still around; thanks for being here. When I'm in the neighborhood--which isn't often anymore--I'll drop in to see what you're up to.

    Yer still a good egg. Always will be.

    Mucho huggos, man...

  6. I absolutely hate calling a company and getting a help line in a foreign country; and you are right, they all have American names.
    When I was dealing with one of my annuities I got someone in Brazil. Darn aggravating. My router is hooked up to my modem. If I ever get another new computer I will go wireless and I definitely will get rid of Comcast. I hate that company.
    You were bitching bro so I decided to have a rant too. Thanks for listening and thanks for cheering the Cards on with me.

  7. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....a password, now you need a password for your password and a secret answer for your secret question lol, lol. Its a bit of a pain. Just do what some people do, they use the same password for everything.

    Have a good day, take it easy eh and don't forget to take slow breaths when deals with puters.

  8. I use about 3 passwords and secret words too for just about everything. When I first got the pc I tried using different passwords for each and every thing and that got to be too much. Good luck on changing it. I hope you don't have to purge. Oh, go ahead and use the intended words lol. Take care and have a great trip!