Saturday, October 1, 2011

I got nothin' to write about really.

So here it is Saturday morning. I've got a late shift hanging over my head (Here's where you feel sorry for me). It has been a relatively uneventful week save for the fact that I ran out of checks for my checking account. Oh yeah. Our hometown baseball team, the Red Sox reverted back to the Sox of old by giving us their best choking performance yet. Prior to 2004 this was the norm. Very competitive until it really counted. A beautiful swan dive out of contention. Before the season started this team was touted as possibly one of the best teams ever and in the middle of the season they sure looked like it. But when it counted in September, down they went in flames. Still if you're a sports fan around here you really have nothing to complain about. We here in the Boston\New England area have lived through the most successful decade in sports with seven sports championships in ten years. All our teams have won. Yup, we got spoiled. Still it's only sports. A diversion. Entertainment. Nothing more. The Atlanta Braves performed a similar el foldo. I can't imagine what it would be like around here if the Braves were still a Boston team. I will root for all the underdogs.

Apart from that I really don't have much to say although that may change as I continue writing. One week removed from my trip to Martha's Vineyard and I still smile at the lovely relaxing time I had. Just three more photos of the place and I will put the Vineyard in my rear view mirror for this year.
The beach across from the hotel in Oak Bluffs.
Looking back from the beach at dawn at some of the inns and hotels that line the road along the beach.
The beautiful beach and cliffs in Aquinnah at the opposite end of the island.
 Well that's about it for now. I must get ready for work in about an hour. At least I will have Sunday and Monday off. See you all in a day or two.
I'm outta here.


  1. I am happy to read that you will be cheering for my 'Wild Card' Cardinals bro! They sure surprised me as I had given them up for lost a month ago. I love my Cardinals!

    The photos are awesome!! I can just imagine the smile on your face remembering that week. Times shared with a special someone will never be forgotten. I am smiling too!

  2. Like Beth...I am smiling too! ;-)
    Beautiful photos. Baseball is not a favorite of mine unless I am playing. But then again I never went to a real game. Pulling late shift eh? Enjoy your next two days off and order some new checks ;-)

  3. Oh by the way I like the new look here.