Friday, November 18, 2011

Where have I been?

I'm right here! See me waving. No, to your right. Well I've had a week off a week ago. The only way to improve on a week off is to have to go back to work during your week off. That was quite enjoyable. That truncated vacation quickly morphed into this past week. I now have three days in a row off starting on Saturday, which will either be tomorrow or today depending on when I end up publishing this.

I haven't been around Blogger for about two weeks. I used my computer less than usual the last couple of weeks. I went to a wedding. I went to another "Show and Sell" meeting. The closer I get to retirement the more I have had to get involved with some of this nonsense. I have now been in this store for about three months and it is a different world from the store I was at the last 11 years. I keep saying to myself, "Two more years." That's the earliest I can retire. I also have to remind myself that I still have a job. Others aren't so lucky. 
I also broke a tooth. An upper molar. I was eating an orange Tic Tac. I bit down, not recommended. They're very hard at first. Anyway the tooth has been repaired and I have a few days to unwind.
This past Sunday I took another ride to Mt. Auburn. It's been an off kilter Fall around here. Some trees change color a month ago. Others just started changing last weeks. Many trees are bare. Still there was still a bit of color at the cemetery. The sun broke through a milky sky just after I got there.
    I made a slide show with all the pictures I took. I have adding little openings to my videos recently. This one is no exception. I just found a bunch of stock footage and it's fun to fool around with the different clips. OK Here's the video, well a bunch of pictures.

I'll be  back on a more regular basis. I have to get back into the swing of things around here. That's it for now. Maybe I'll just turn my brain off and watch some mindless television.

I'm outta here.    


  1. I am glad to see a post from you!! We all wondered where you were.
    The pictures and the video are beautiful! The cemetery is lovely. I like the music on the video too.
    Enjoy your days off. Do you have to work Thanksgiving or is your new store closed?

  2. You have has bad time with your tooth but it has repaired other wise you have wonderful time short brake from blogs.
    The photos and the video are beautiful wonderful jobs you has done well.
    Awhile you are away I has been big problems with my blogs name just okay now but still doesn't shows on my friends dashboard in my new post.

    I watch the president golf on the TV which is very good.

  3. I looked to the right...but can't see you waving.
    Sorry that tic tac broke your tooth. There should be a warning on the box. Send them the bill... ;-0
    Very nicely done video and loved the music too. Where did you get the stock videos?? Yes you are very fortunate to have a job. Show an sell sounds like a pimp game. Enjoy your days off, unless you get called in or maybe not answer your phone. But it's extra money for retirement. Babble'in here eh? Glad to see you post again.

  4. Hate when that happens. Darn Tic Tac. Glad it's fixed. The pictures and video are wonderful.

  5. I did that with a FRONT tooth right in the middle of the work day. Talk about embarrassing!

    So glad to see you back. And Mt Auburn is still as dazzling as I remember from old Spaces days.

  6. Blessings.....
    Yes one does have to count their blessings. You broke your tooth, ouch, glad all is well. love the pics, what's with you and cemetries?

  7. Beautiful Pics , the colour in the tree if just wonderful
    Take care