Sunday, November 20, 2011

A day of nothing.

After two hectic weeks I have had a few days off. Nothing bad happened just a lot happened. Well today, Sunday, I have done absolutely nothing and it's been great. I do have to clean up and go out in the general public tomorrow unless of course I don't finish this blog tonight then I will be going out in the general public today. Make sense? It doesn't matter.

Rhapsody asked in her comment on my previous blog,
"What's with you and the cemeteries?"
It's not that I have a thing for cemeteries. It's just this particular cemetery. It's 175 acres with trees from all over the world. It's landscaped with hills, valleys and ponds. It borders a residential area and downtown Boston and there's wildlife in there. It's historic and beautiful. I'm drawn to this place. I guess it's an oasis in the middle of a crowded area.

On Saturday I went to a model train and toy show presented by The Shriner's. I don't know anything about the Shriner's but the show was held at one of their auditoriums. There were even a few of them about and yes they were wearing the fez. Anyway it was a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon. There were many elaborate model train set ups. Little towns, train stations, model buildings etc. I also noticed that aside from the little kids, a majority of the people were in my age group. Aging Baby Boomers.
So to sum up, Saturday, model train show, Sunday, nothing, Monday dentist for a cleaning a few errands and then home for the last of my nothing before I head back to work on Tuesday. All pretty mundane stuff.
OK time to put this one to bed.
I'm outta here.   


  1. That looks like it was a lot of fun!1 They used to have shows like that at the mall in Urbana IL. Jim and I went to them a few times. The video is excellent!

    I like cemeteries. They are peaceful and there are no live doctors there. ;-)

  2. I had the same nothing day. It's becoming popular. I liked the video. Always liked trains.

  3. All we needed to have sometime do nothing then we can build a little energy for next day:-)
    You are doing pretty good jobs with your video.

  4. Do nothing days are for us to recharge, so the more the better. Love the trains.

  5. Made me think of my weekends during the one a month I had off. Mine were filled with errands and other things..seeing friends and so on that I couldn't do while working. Yes, that cemetery is well worth visiting as many times as possible.