Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Toodle loo MSN


My quest is complete no thanks to MSN "help" .   
I sent an email to an MSN link after reading a paragraph titled, "Changing your email administrator and password". I received pretty quick response verifying the information I had provided proving I was the administator. They then told me they would evaluate the situation and send me a solution in about 24 hours. True to their word in about 24 hours they sent me a link . A link as to how to change your password! I can't change my password becuse because I am no longer the administrator. My Email address was hijacked! The password was changed so I could no longer use my email address. Their instructions? Log onto MSN and click on "change your password". How can I log in if my password doesn't work?  Then at the bottom of the instructions it said, "Only the email administrator can change a password." No shit Sherlock! That's why I wrote you clowns in the first place! At the very bottom they ask, "Did you find this helpful?" Beth you are right. MSN does suck.

On the bright side after more digging I finally found a way to cancel my account with MSN. Gone! Kaput after 12 years. It would have been kaput anyway on March 1st as that's when they will begin charging for their email service. They have ended their association with Verizon. MSN Premium wasn't all that great. It had a couple of nice features but nothing that I can't do without. I have had to enter all my addresses into my computer but it's over now. I'm so sorry for all the emails that went out from my email account. I sent an email out to Beth, Carole and Nancy. Carole's and Nancy's came back to me. I think I entered Caroles address wrong and Nancy's address may be an old one. 

So it's over. Time to move on. I've got to clean the bathroom.

i'm outta here.       


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