Monday, December 6, 2010

Otto Shough part two

Ok so it looks like I will have do one more blog to get all of the pictures. I have nothing more to add about the show. It was what it was. I happen to love cars. All I can really add is this passed Saturday a guy came to my counter and asked for normal ham.
"I don't understand sir. What do you mean by normal?"
"You know normal, like the one you eat!"
The car above is a Ferrari. The next one below is a Lamborghini.

This car and the next are both Cadillacs. These cars were rolling works of art. Great detail.

I'm not sure what this car was but it was another beauty.

A Jaguar.

A close up of the Jaguar's hood ornament.

A gull wing Mercedes.

Two Rolls Royce's, above and below. 

Two Bentley's, above and below. A favorite of mine.

Three Ferarri's in a row.

For me this was the sexiest car I saw. A Maserati. This picture and the next two.

Well it looks like it will take a third post to exhaust all these pictures.
I'm outta here, sorta.


  1. Sorry I posted on the second post first. I would have love to have seen this show!

  2. I would just love to see a show like this one that you took photos off. Im in aww Paul

  3. Glad to see that "Our Corvette" made the show. They are made in Bowling Green, KY (about 100 miles from here)
    There is a big Corvette Museum down there too. I hear that it is really impressive....ain't been there yet. I'd probably better not go there....might get to missing my old '65 Corvette Convertible" that I sold back in '83. ( It was a nice down payment on my first house!)