Friday, December 17, 2010

Good Play. Not so great photos.

The weather was cooperative. Cold but not freezing. There was little wind and it was sunny. Public transportation was very efficient. We traveled at the perfect time of day 11:30 in the morning. The subway took us all the way to the very edge of the theater district. As we hit the street I looked left and saw this part of the district.

The Paramount theater that you see as well as two or three more up the street were vaudeville/movie theaters. They fell into disrepair and all closed by the '70s. By then they were either showing x rated films and or featured strippers. I'll admit I went to one strip show in the "combat zone". This was not the only show I attended in my 20's, just the only one I saw in downtown Boston. The show I saw features a woman called Chesty Morgan. There's no need to explain her particular "talents". The  word ample is not a powerful enough adjective to describe this woman. All I can say is that her "act" also consisted of two little people with silver platters. As you may have noticed, I've digressed. Looking at the picture just knocked the dust off these memories. Well anyway, The theaters have been refurbished. I don't know if they all have stage shows or movies but these are beautiful old time theaters. We went in the opposite way towards the Colonial Theater. This one has been open for years and is one of the ones that features the Broadway shows. Here was my view from our seats in the mezzanine.
 The next three are composite shots. The first one is two pictures stitched together. The second one is three pictures. It's tricky when you stich together pictures involving people who are constantly moving. Well it's tricky for my computer program. If you look along the bottom of the third picture, near the middle, you'll see two ghostly images of people who either moved or were mostly removed from the final picture. Sort of like Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock got there molecules scrambled by the transporter. Apart from that they all matched up pretty well.
  Taking pictures of the performance was a strict no no. The show basically out lines the career of the Four Season from their beginings on the streets of New Jersey to fame with the songs sprinkled throughout. One thing that I did like was hearing live music and singing without having my head blown off. It was loud enough to hear but you could still hear the person next to you. Every live show I've seen has been loud! It was all slickly presented. The actors were fabulous. What a talented cast. Singing, dancing, acting. I didn't catch any flubs. I couldn't tell you anything of the history of the Four Seasons like I could about the Beatles. I also couldn't tell you of the validity of the story line. Still this show has been around for several years and Frankie Valli hasn't sued. On the other hand the first 45 rpm single I ever bought was "Sherry" by the Four Seasons, but then the Beatles happened. I enjoyed the show very much. I also enjoyed not having to shell out $70 for the seat.
The show ended about 3:40. We exited and picked out a spot to have some supper. I had fish and chips. Reasonably priced at $10. As I mentioned last time I brought my older point and shoot camera. It's only a 5.1 megapixel but it's compact and does what it's designed to do. The lights on the Boston Common weren't as elaborate as I remember from years ago. Still it was a nice night and we had to kill some time to avoid the rush hour crush between 4 and 7. My pictures aren't very good. I'm not skilled at taking pictures at night. Some are ok but the rest of them are blurry. You have to stand perfectly still because the shutter stays open longer to capture any light. Flash or no flash. Walking to the restaurant. The Boston Common is across the street.
This was about an hour later. Not a great shot as we enter the Boston Common. The Public Gardens are on the left, across the street. It was not decorated.

This next one came out ok all things considered. The two John Hancock buildings. The bigger one (60 floors), is all glass on the outside.
Looking towards the corner of the Common. On the left you can see the gold dome of the state house. 

Walking along the outer edge looking back.

During the summer this part of what is called the Frog Pond, becomes a skating rink. Within 5 minutes of this picture. The people were let on the ice. Because of my camera and me, the people in motion were blurry and some seem to be skating at super speed.

The diagonally opposite corner of the Common from where we started. On the other side of that church in the middle is the grave yard where Ben Franklins Parents and Sam Adams are buried. Paul Revere may be there as well but I'm not sure.

A blurry shot of the walk back to the subway. At one time this narrow street was open to traffic. Now it's only open to police, city or delivery vehicles. It leads to a place they call "downtown crossing". It leads to the main drag with many stores including Macy's. It occupies the former Jordan Marsh. A high end Boston based department store chain that got swallowed up by Macy's. We went into Macy's. Not to shop. To look for a restroom.

Whoops! I'm sorry to say that I have filled up all my free photo storage space. I had two more pictures. I'll have to rectify this situation.

Well in any event, It was a good day yesterday. This entry has taken me several house to put together. Time to get something to eat as the day grows long.
I'm outta here.


  1. The night and the play sound like such fun, and the photos are good, too. I enjoyed seeing and reading about it all because I haven't been to Boston in 40 yrs. But get this, I actually remember Chesty Morgan and saw her in a review in DC, lol.

  2. The photos are very good Paul. you live in such an historic area.
    I am glad you enjoyed the show. Fish and chips sounds good too.

  3. Two wee folk and two platters. Alrighty then....
    glad you had a good time in the old town.

  4. Paul, it has just dawned on me that you don't know me at all. I've been dropping by from time to time and never introduced myself. I'm Jenny and I'm in Virginia and have enjoyed reading your posts for some months (sometimes leaving a note and sometimes not), but we have a number of folks in common so that's how I landed here to begin with. Just thought I'd let you know. I'm not from somewhere out in left field, although there are times I certainly feel that way :)

  5. Enjoyed your blog about the show (It was in Louisville a couple months ago and I heard that it was great) Also, your guided tour and pictures of Boston are very good and interesting.
    As for JennyD....she's a "Sweet Lil' Southern Belle"!!!!

  6. Well, I ran back over here, too, and Paul, if you see this, Dave is terrific. He keeps me in stitches and is truly a good guy :D
    ...and Thanks, Dave :)

  7. I'm glad you had a great time at the play and the day was fun for you, Paul, and the photos are beautiful--fuzziness and all. In my way of thinking, this time of year, with the holiday lights and all, the blurring of nighttime shots gives a dreamy quality to them.

    I've never written about this, but several years ago, just out of curiosity, I took off my glasses while Steve and I were out looking at Christmas lights. It was amazingly beautiful!

    To this day, I make a point of looking at the holiday lights at least once without the old specs, just because.

    I wish you a warm, happy, slightly blurry Christmas, my friend!

  8. Blesings....
    glad you enjoyed the play. Thanks for the pics...

    Had trouble reading ur entry this post, had to highlight in order to read.

    have a good day

  9. Glad you enjoyed the show Paul, that theatre looks wonderful there's something about the Theatre that give's me goose bumps. Love the picture's and out door ice rink how lovely. Wishing you Merry time at Christmas.