Monday, December 27, 2010

I have no title...wait...there is a lot of snow...

Did you ever remember that you were supposed to remember something but you can't remember what you were supposed to remember? Just wondering. As I write this it is Sunday evening almost 9 pm EST. I say this right now because I won't finish this tonight, I will finish it tomorrow. We're  in the midst of a blizzard. Where I live we are expecting about 18 inches of snow. I see much shoveling in my future. You know what I don't mind. I kind of like it. Let me just say that I like it because I don't have to work on Monday. They say the wind will gust up to 50 mph as the storm worsens.

Boy am I happy I didn't have to work today! This is the kind of day I don't get upset with surge in business. This kind of storm that can cripple an area like Boston. It's crowded around here. Still it's not going to be like 1978. That's the one we remember around here. Mother nature can sure be impressive.

I spent a tranquil day. I didn't have to do do anything and I sure didn't do much of anything. I am warm and toasty and in a good mood. I guess I'm just decompressing. I got to watch the New England Patriots win yet again. Boy I am so lucky to live near a city with so many pro teams in contention for a championship. Anyway I didn't do much of anything. I did watch a bit of television. Boy are the networks exploiting the popularity of "talent shows". I saw a promo for yet another show, Live To Dance. What's next? So You Think You Can Yodel? America's Got Gas.

OK . Fast forward. It is now 2:35 on Monday. The snow is pretty much over but the wind is howling. It's actually tough to tell if the snow has ended because of all the blowing snow. All my shoveling is done. I've been out and about for a bit. It's slow going but you can get around. 

My street today.
That's my car surrounded by snow.

 And now a little movie.
Update. It is now about 4:45 pm. I stopped writing for a bit. Finished off my laundry and am getting ready to make a pizza.
Well despite all the snow I am none the worse for wear. People along the coast got the worst of it. They got mostly rain but the ocean was very angry. At the height of the storm there were 30 foot waves. Next week at this time most of this snow will be gone. If I had the energy I would get dressed, not that I'm not dressed at the moment, and go out and take pictures of the decorated houses before the snow gets ugly. But listening to that wind howl through the wrought iron on the porch I think I'll just eat my pizza and fall into a vegetative state.

I go back to work tomorrow. I have been very lucky to have had these last 3 days off. Apart for some shoveling I won't be so lucky next week as I work right through New Years day. Hey you pay for your thrills.

I had other stuff to mention but I can't think of it at the moment besides I hear the pizza calling.

I'm outta here.


  1. I am glad you are all white there. Oops typo, I meant alright! Glad you had three whole days off and enjoyed yourself alone and not dressed. No wait that's not right ennaway your photos look like our neck of the woods except the huge pile right along side your car. Your updates on the video are better than the tv news. I hoped to hear your voice. Hope your New Year is bright and warmer.

  2. I am always happy to share my wealth. I am delighted that you got snow too. LOL You got a lot more than we did and that makes me smile. Do stay safe Paul. That is what is important.

  3. And I've been whining about it being 28 degrees this morning... brrrrrrr!!!!!

    Glad you're warm & toasty.

  4. We got just 3 inches of snow this go around....with NO ice! Temps by the end of week is supposed to be in high 50's here in Kentucky. Hope it moves up over the mountains for y'all!

  5. Happy New Year Paul!
    Glad to hear you're keeping warm and toasty.

  6. I have that 'must remember something, but can't' feeling virtually every time I go to a grocery store. As to the talent shows - at least the people on them (after the first couple of episodes where we are encouraged to laugh at the damaged and the delusional) have worked hard to hone their talents, and are not some third-rate has-beens attempting to get one more shot of attention on "Doing X With The 'Stars'". And at least they are not talentless vulgarians with good bodies giving us a taste of what can NOT actually be anybody's "reality".
    What is dismaying about many of these talent shows is that the producers are so afraid to break even the tiniest bit of the "Idol" mold - always it seems, three judges, always two of them men and one a woman, always one of the men a crass foreign-born egomaniac. Only "Idol" itself has altered the mold a tiny bit.

    Congrats on your off-time. I kind of like the snow myself. I was actually too far NORTH to get hit by the current blizzard! Happy New Year.

  7. Blessings and Happy New Year......

    There is no snow here in Toronto Canada. The roads and black, no white. I guess we will get it later on as its only January.

    Take the time to spoil yourself.

  8. A visit would be grand! I'm trying to sneak in a trip out visit my sis & her family in NH sometime this spring, I'll keep you posted!
    Hope your New Year is off to a great start!

  9. Happy New Year to you Paul! around the Christmas time I thouht it will be nice to have a white snow in the Christmas day BUT I am very happy to have a hot weather that I get used in here, this year was cool christmas day but the new years eve was 40c and tomorrow it going to be hot day:-)

    Well it seems we were talking about our weather everywhere that crazy mother nature...
    cause a lot of damage in some place but you and I were luckly still in a good mood:-)

    I am so far still 2+2=5 that what Pen's says in her postLOL!still on holidays in my head that I can't add:-)
    You keep warm and enjoy yourselves Paul!

    I watch the video and you are still in your pajamas on? I guess you are going to work now...
    Thank you for visit.

  10. Dang you got some major snow, Paul!! I lobe looking at it but as some folks are, I don't want to deal with it. We got 5 inches for Christmas day. Wasn't any problem at all except atop my streets' hill here.

    What's going on with you now?

  11. Thats alot of snow. We have so much too Paul and now were under anouther snow fall warning.
    Hope this new year brings you nothing but good things and new photo opps all the time.
    Happy New Year.
    and sorry I havent been here forever.

  12. You know what happened, Paul...

    *writing this comment about a week after you wrote your essay*

    ...that dang'd snow went from the east coast all the way to my midwest and left a LOT of white stuff before it went on its merry way.

    You mentioned the wind howling. Yep--it howled for us, too. Gusts up to 50 mph. We were more than happy when we sent it on to our neighbors in the Dakotas.

    Getting a light snow as I write this...calm with not much wind to mention...kinda pretty.

    Next snow storm, we'll send it YOUR way.

    Keep toasty!

    Mucho huggos!!!

  13. I see ah sign...the icicle top photo.
    Keep warm and safe my friend.