Monday, December 13, 2010

It's been chilly!

Yeah It's been chilly though yesterday it was warm, near 50 with rain and wind, but who cares about the weather. We had yet another family birthday yesterday. My youngest sister. This time we got together at my other sisters house. We had a nice meal of tortellini with meatballs, green beans fixed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and garlic and salad. Followed a bit later with a tasty homemade cake and coffee. As usual the banter between my sister and her husband can be entertaining. My brother in law was getting on my sisters case concerning all the junk, books and other bits of space consuming items, she has saved in the attic over the last 25 years. She is the major pack rat of the family. We all have a touch of it though. Anyone interested in 10,000 comic books? She hates to see books thrown out. She works for Bentley College, a local business school. Who needs a twenty volume set of encyclopedias from 1985?

He- If you don't need it and it's useless, then get rid of it!

She- You're right. Get out!

I am so glad that there is a spell check at my disposal when I write these things. Spelling has always been a problem for me.  Couple that with my less than stellar typing "skills". When I say "skills" I mean I have no skills. Sometimes I'll write a word and have spelled it correctly, but it just doesn't look right. I go out of my way to make sure it's spelled right even when the spell check says it's correct. The spell check here at Blogger is a bit annoying. It will highlight in yellow, parts of words that it perceives to be a whole word and determines that it's a misspelled word. And believe it or not, I  just misspelled the word misspelled. Bless you spell check.

Well I have to get ready for another late shift. I know I haven't been around much the last several weeks. I will make an effort to visit around either when I get home from work tonight or tomorrow afternoon when I get home. Between work, family commitments and other things I just haven't had the time to play with my computer. This will probably continue until the holidays are over. I look forward to the day when I don't have to do anything or be anywhere. Until then it's head down to plow through the next few weeks. I can't wait till it's over. Until then,
I'm outta here.   


  1. A belated happy birthday wish for your sister. The food sounds so good!
    I am the same way with misspelled words. Live writer does a good job of catching them.
    Don't work too hard today, just go with the flow and agree with everything the customer wants. ;-)

  2. They, the family come a squillion miles ahead of us. We'll still be here. :-)

  3. I see the monkey is a temperature gauge. I would love 50's right now!!! Was below zero this morning. Happy Birthday to your sister. I would most shuidly want those comics! Jist sayin. Be prepared and don't wish for somthin you really don't want till after you git it. Um, somethin like that. Sometimes you have to make time. Toodles for now.

  4. A late birthday wish to your sister Paul, it's good to get together and have a good old laugh. Don't work too hard and go with the flow. Hugs Sheila

  5. Take sometime out to have some fun along the way Paul.. Your telling my story of the spelling. Thats me. thats me. I guess you knew .The whole family does.
    Be good ha. Stay safe. Merry Christmas Paul if your not back .
    Keep smiling.

  6. I was happy to find an update here, Paul; been awhile. Seems to me the best thing for you would be to win the lottery--then, you could ditch the store and write full-time!

    On second thought, you'd proably miss all the wise, intelligent conversations you get to experience at work, and we--your visitors and friends--would miss hearing about them.

    Hope the worst of the snow bypasses you; we're waiting for our next round of white stuff here in central Iowa. Personally, I can wait, thank you very much...