Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hot and aggrivating two days

That's what I was on Monday and Tuesday as I went to work. I was aggrivated because I had a 12:30-9 shift and because there is a lot of contruction going on in and around my city square. There putting up a hotel or should I say they are putting up another hotel because where I live is only 5 miles from Boston and the main highway runs through my city. I know it makes sense because business people and tourist can stay here and be in Boston in about 10 minutes. That, of course depends on the time of day. Well if it's not construction it's road work. If it's not roadwork it's the gas company. I live very close to the square (meaning the center of town). I have to go through two traffic lights to get through it and normally this takes 5 minutes. Monday it took 25. I Iive 5 miles from where I work in Cambridge Ma. I give myself an hour to get there when I start work anytime after 7 a.m. My next snag was going by Tufts University which is in the city that I live in. It's approaching fall and all the students are descending into the area. I knew I was in trouble when I hit Cambridge. There are cars and vans double parked all over the place because students are moving in. There are 30 colleges and universities in the Boston are alone. This translates into 250,000 students cramming into an already densely populated area. The next city after mine is Somervile. It normally has a population of 90,000. Students are moving in there as well. My route next takes me into Cambridge. Another city of 90,000. Even more students moving in there with the two heavy hitters Harvard and M.I.T. I go through Harvard Square on my way to work. It is normally congested with cars and people.
This is Harvard Square. This is the very road I travel on. Harvard Yard is on the left. You can see one of the entrances on the brick wall on the left. The reason it doesn't look crowded with cars and people is because this was taken at 6:48 on a Sunday Morning.
 Tuesday was even more aggravating than  Monday. We were unusually busy and of course we were understaffed to handle it. As the afternoon wore on I couldn't get off the counter and time was running short. I had things to do. Orders to place on the computer that had a time limit. I admit at getting stressed and not being all that pleasant and friendly to customers. I wondered could the hurricane coming up the east coast and possibly hitting us in some form on Friday be the cause for all this extra business? On top of that we are in the middle of another heatwave. Today it's 91 not quite as bad as the previous days but it's getting more humid. Tomorrow (Thursday) promises to be at least just as hot and more humid. At least I'll be in an air conditioned store for 9 hours.

This summer has been a hot one at least for the Boston area. Around 30 days have bee 90 degrees plus but we have not had very much rain except for last week. Consequently I have seen a few trees already beginning to turn color. Photographically it could be a very good fall. 

OK. several months ago back on spaces I made a little photo album of photo's I had taken up until that point. Now I have not taken nearly as many photo's as I took in the last two years but be that as it may here is a little photo album of some pictures I have taken since the last photo album. Set to music. It's blues music which I happen to love. I wish I could play the blues as well as whoever is playing them on this track. So here they are Photo's 2010 part 2.

So here I sit in air conditioned comfort waiting for my final load of laundry to dry. They are talking the hurricane up. At this point it looks like the Boston area will get 30 to 40 mile an hour winds on Friday evening. Cape Cod and the islands, Marthas Vineyard and Nantucket are under a hurricane watch. Further down the east coast they are definitley going to get hit at least as of now. Speaking of Marthas Vineyard I am chomping at the bit to go there but I will have to wait until Serptember 27. I hope the weather cooperates and please no hurricanes!
Time to get and sort some 2000 socks. OK I exaggerated a wee bit.
I'm outta here.


  1. Excellent pictures, love the video and the music.
    It has been the hottest summer here that I can remember and the humidity has made it unbearable. Supposed to cool off and be only in the low 70s on Friday. I noticed as I was driving here in town yesterday that some of the trees are starting to turn.
    Stay safe!!

  2. Fabulous pictures and music as always. When is it not? ;-)

    We have officially a record setting Summer This is not the most hot summer we've had and we've also broken the record believe it or not for --I think it is 68--days in a 90+ degrees.

    I won't allow a hurricane to hit there.

  3. Thank you ladies. Beth Friday is supposed to be in the 80's here. At the moment it looks like we might just get some high wind gusts of 30 to 40 mph later in the day and early evening. Truthfully I wish it happened earlier in the day as I am off and would love to get some shots at the ocean. This could change though. We could still get hit. We haven't had a hurricane since '96.
    Carole I hope the Admiral doesn't mind but I like the globe on her blog. So I put one on mine. I haven't figured out how to get the names of the cities to appear, unless of course, it cost money. On her blog it says I live in Randolf Ma. which is about 50 miles from here. Then again I don't live in Boston either. Just real close. It's our hottest summer in many years. Fortunately for us we've had less than half 90+ degree days as you have.

  4. Greetings from Kentucky,
    Came across your site via Carole (Ramblingon). Found your writings to be interesting and entertaining.
    My only experience with Mass. was to go up to the Berkshires to visit my cousin in Greater Barington. She is originally from Boston, and her brother just bought a house in Glouchester.
    Stop by and visit my little blog if you get a chance.

  5. Your video was fantastic, seriously. The heat is on, wait..isn't that ah song? Glen Fry right? I hope you have a hurricane emergency duffle ready to go somewhere if need be. With all that traffic maybe two six packs and ah few movies at home. Be safe, ok? Of course you will. I will write the code for you on my blog as I cannot get to my email account to know yours. Oh cachi! (oops)
    To write instructions, I now have your weather thingie on my blog! LOL!!!! For now go see your weather on my blog hahaa.

  6. I love your photos in the album. What a great idea. I was the same as you for awhile not takeing many photos. It comes and goes for me.
    I was stuck in traffic today and then lost trying to take a short cut in the city I live close to. It took forever to get to the hospital to see my brother and forever to get out of the city. Now I know why I will never move to the city. The traffic is and was awful. Goodthing I was not in a rush.
    Happy September.
    and your leaves with be changing and you always have nicer colors that we do here I think.

  7. and Paul I love your hearder . It is stunning.