Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First of all I don't know why the text on my last entry came out the way it did but I didn't write anything of any note. I am sitting on the porch of my hotel. Pictured below.

Though the original picture is right side up you get the idea. I am sitting in the second to last chair at the far end. The weather has become gorgeous. The complete opposite of what the weather forecast predicted. It is sunny and warm at about 78 degrees. We were supposed to have a tropical storm today. Instead we got warmth. I took an island tour today. It took about 2 and a half hours. It was a  tour that included a long list of famous people.. From James Cagney, James Taylor to Billy Joel, Diana Ross and Walter Cronkite. They all have or had homes hear. I can't go into a lot of detail mainly because I don't feel like writing a lot. I have one more day here to enjoy. I will include a few more pictures. I have a ton to look through. I'm not sure where I'm going to post the entire album. I understand Windows is going through more changes so I don't know if I will post an album there or open up a new account somewhere else It will. In any event here are a few more pictures.
  Above is my hotel at night. At the moment I am sitting far to the right on the porch. OK. Enough of this computer nonsense. Tonight I am going to to the most famous restaurant on the island, The Black Dog Tavern. Maybe I'll report in tomorrow but ... 
I'm outta here.       .


  1. Beautiful scenery there. I don't think a purple house would go over so good here lol. Enjoy yourself Paul. Glad the weather is nice.

  2. Magnificent things to look at. The houses look like they came out of a fairy tale book. The Black Dog Tavern sounds great, report back to us on what you have to eat.

  3. Man, I sure missed a few of your blogs. I guess because of everyone here for the birthday celebration and I didn't check blogs. GREAT pictures and what fun you have to be having. I would love to see the same things. That's my idea of a great several days.

  4. No pressure, Paul; you're on vacation. Enjoy and just roll with the flow.

    We'll see you when you get back!


    The seascapes are gorgeous, and the Victorian homes are beautiful; great shots!

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  6. Wow.. I love Love your view. Please keep them coming. I havent really seen home like that here. Everything is new here or really old and not taken care of. Your sunsets are so very beautiful Paul. More. . ha More.
    Have a wonderful trip.

  7. Hi Paul . I want to thank you so much for each and every comment you have left me. I going to tell you something tht I do not share with anyone. How do I get the diffent colors in my Susets and sunrsies...ect. I have on my camera and have had on the last few a dial that has a dial to ajust the temp of light or color.
    It is with the theroy of the Kelvin Scale. I had to study and learn this and experiment to death with it and getting lots I deleted and some I kept and some I stll am not happy with. I do go from one extrem to the the other. I love the damara the sky can have so to pick up color have a look at it.

    A few things I do kown for sure is that moving that scale can give you certian results . Some good and some well not so.
    I have read that increasing the "warmth" of the Kelvin setting
    improves sunrises/sunsets.

    Color temperature strictly applies only to a broad continuum type
    radiation, characteristic of hot bodies. Fluorescent light is
    characterized by several rather narrow regions in the spectrum. The
    more and broader these lines, the more it approaches a continuum like
    sunlight. So fluorescent light is not necessarily colder. It is just
    not a smooth curve. So here I find it more a blue light or cool and it is. Same as light blubs .. some. Some are warm.

    Blue light has a higher color
    temp than red light, but it is referred to by humans as cooler.
    The natural emission from a fluorescent light is actually ultraviolet,
    and there are phosphors that convert to the UV light to various
    visible wavelengths. Even so, the spectrum is pretty choppy, and it
    is hard to get good color photography from such lights. But they are
    definitely getting better.

  8. Now that your confussed. . He is more.

    If you think you need to "improve" a sunset, the most straightforward way to
    do it is to turn up the color intensity setting a bit. A sunset is usually red
    enough (i.e., the color temperature is low enough) already. What you're trying
    to do is make the colors stand out more, not change their wavelength.
    Relative intensity has been normalized for each temperature (in Kelvins).

    Note how 5000 K produces roughly neutral light, whereas 3000 K and 9000 K produce light spectrums which shift to contain more orange and blue wavelengths, respectively. As the color temperature rises, the color distribution becomes cooler. This may not seem intuitive, but results from the fact that shorter wavelengths contain light of higher energy.

    Why is color temperature a useful description of light for photographers, if they never deal with true blackbodies? Fortunately, light sources such as daylight and tungsten bulbs closely mimic the distribution of light created by blackbodies, although others such as fluorescent and most commercial lighting depart from blackbodies significantly. Since photographers never use the term color temperature to refer to a true blackbody light source, the term is implied to be a "correlated color temperature" with a similarly colored blackbody. The following table is a rule-of-thumb guide to the correlated color temperature of some common light sources:

  9. ok I copied this and found it for you . So google the temps and white Balace. You will have it mastered before me . Delete this all.
    My email is
    So any question that I can answer in my experience I will help you. I know a few tricks. I have studied and need to do more and more. Its not an easy thing to learn or do.. Its to do it in the right place and light.
    Hope this helps you.
    Now off to work Paul. ha.
    Hugs my friend.

  10. Color Temperature Light Source
    1000-2000 K Candlelight
    2500-3500 K Tungsten Bulb (household variety)
    3000-4000 K Sunrise/Sunset (clear sky)
    4000-5000 K Fluorescent Lamps
    5000-5500 K Electronic Flash
    5000-6500 K Daylight with Clear Sky (sun overhead)
    6500-8000 K Moderately Overcast Sky
    9000-10000 K Shade or Heavily Overcast Sky

  11. Under mixed lighting, auto white balance usually calculates an average color temperature for the entire scene, and then uses this as the white balance. This approach is usually acceptable, however auto white balance tends to exaggerate the difference in color temperature for each light source, as compared with what we perceive with our eyes.

    Exaggerated differences in color temperature are often most apparent with mixed indoor and natural lighting. Critical images may even require a different white balance for each lighting region. On the other hand, some may prefer to leave the color temperatures as is.

    Note how the building to the left is quite warm, whereas the sky is somewhat cool. This is because the white balance was set based on the moonlight-- bringing out the warm color temperature of the artificial lighting below. White balancing based on the natural light often yields a more realistic photograph. Choose "stone" as the white balance reference and see how the sky becomes unrealistically blue.

    As you can tell with some of my photography this is hard to get alway the way it may should and I say should .. because its a matter of what a person likes. This is a subject that all photographers have different views about and has been studied by a few of the so called pros and some have it down as far as my eyes can see and I do miss alot Paul . So here you have it.
    You can copy this all and delete it or you can just not want to know any of this but I have done lots with this at certain times.. just certain times. NOT always.

  12. and I will say Dam it ther is so much to learn along the way. Too much at times and there is a time to stop and just practice skills.

    and this is your surpise of the week. What can I do next week. Brownies.. Apple pie. .