Thursday, September 23, 2010

Then there was the butcher who backed into the meat grinder and got a little behind in his work.

First of all the little twirly globe thingy on the right now says I live in Cambridge, yesterday it said I was in Chelsea which is close. Before that it said I was in a city about 30/35  miles south. Originally it said I was in Boston which was fine. I was unaware I had moved so many times in the last month. Maybe I was moving in my sleep. You know sleep moving.

"Shhh...don't wake him. He's sleep moving."

I guess you move everything into another house in the middle of the night, then move everything back before you wake up with no recollection of what happened. Well you have to admit it at least sounds plausible. 

Speaking of Cambridge, our local ultra liberal, granola crunching city, their bizzaro thinking surfaces again. The city wants to soften the stress one would feel when you have received a parking ticket. They printed yoga positions on the ticket to help you combat the stress of receiving it. It wasn't clear as to whether you are supposed get into the yoga positions right there on the sidewalk, or wait till you get home. All I'll say is this, I'm in Cambridge 5 days a week and it would not surprise me one bit to see a Cantabrigian lying pretzel like on the concrete. What's wrong with these people?

So I have to say that I'm getting anxious to get away as my trip to Marthas Vineyard commences Monday. The weather doesn't look that great with only one day partly sunny, Monday. Tuesday through Thursday show varying chances of rain. I hope for change because Tuesday is still a ways out and you never know. It's about an 80 mile drive from where I am just north of Boston to Woods Hole on the elbow of Cape Cod. Woods Hole is also the home of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute which is probably worth a trip in and of itself. The island is not all that far off shore. It will only take  45 minutes to get there.

I may bring my laptop with me because the hotel has wireless Internet access. I may be able to report directly and post some pictures from the days events though the word events might be too strong a word. There is the ocean of course but I won't be doing any swimming. There are bike trails through wildlife preserves. I'm sure there are historical sights. I know there a carousel that's supposed to be the oldest continuously operating one in the U.S. complete with wooden horses. The date eludes me at the moment. If it's close by I'll check it out apart from that. I do want to see the gingerbread houses I think there might about 300 of them. Here are a few pictures I found on the web.



I hope to get a few shots of my own. I know very little of the history of the Island. I do know that it has 15,000+ year round residence. The population swells to around 75,000 during the vacation season.

OK I've yapped on long enough. It's coming up on 8 pm and and I haven't even had my supper yet. Later.

I'm outta here.



  1. I love the water Paul. Pure Joy to see.
    The homes are so pretty. When can I get one.
    Loved your blog . Nice to see an update.
    Lisa xo

  2. Any day at the beach is great, weather be dammed.
    I show up on your globe about 60 miles from where I live but it is where my ISP is, so it may be your ISP that is sleepwalking.

    Have a good vacation.

  3. Hope you have good weather for your vacation, and that you be able to "kick back and relax" sometime between all of your sightseeing. Also, thanks for including the map of Mass so we can have an idea of the area you are heading to.
    For some reason, I always thought that Boston was down in the Southern part, and the Cape was up in the Northern part of the state. are adding "education" to this ole rebel!

  4. So that's how you lost weight, backing up into the grinder. I thought you were gone on vacation already. So you'll git to go again in my mind at least. I heard of movers an shakers but in yer sleep? I bet you wake up tired. It's plausible.
    I thought you knew I have to go potty hearing water run! I had to watch the video twice in order to see it all ;-+
    Yoga positions on ah ticket? Why not like double bubble and put a comic strip on the back.
    I'm reminded of the expensive labeler ;-o
    I've never heard of a Board Fairy. Does she give away splinters? Ok it's late...missed you posting keeping us in suspense. Have a great weekend and vacation!! Tell Martha Hi for me.

  5. Your trip sounds like so much fun. I hope you get lots of photos.
    I show up on the globe 40 miles east of here.
    Be careful of that grinder in the future.

  6. Ummm...Paul? You know that twirly globe thingy you have on your page here? Have you ever tried clicking your cursor on it and spinning it around? Don't tell anyone, but I give it a few spins every time I visit you; gives me a feeling of power. It has me located nowhere near where I actually live, which is fine; if you ever use it when you release the flying monkeys, they won't know where to find me.

    Because I really enjoy learning new stuff, I was fascinated by your mention of sleep moving. Yes--utterly fascinated! You offered the only possible explanation for why I can't find my glasses in the morning when I get up: I sleep moved them during the night!!!

    Okay. Now you need to invent a sleep-moving detector gadget that we can use to keep track of such incidents when they happen. If you invent such a device, people will pay you incredible amounts of money, complete strangers will want to be your friend forever, and Oprah will invite you to be on her show.

    Welll...maybe you should forget Oprah...

    Yoga for stress relief upon receipt of a parking citation? Groovy. It's an idea whose time has come!!! Now, all they need to do next is include a little mary-juanna with that ticket...

    Seriously, though...

    I hope you enjoy that trip to Martha's Vinyard; I hear it's beautiful there. I wonder if the autumn colors will still be present; could make for some pretty awesome photos! I'd give just about anything to be that close to the ocean, you lucky duck, you. Say--I noticed something on your travel-route map: in Nantucket Sound there's a dotted line which resembles more than anything a triangle. Is that the notorious Nantucket Triangle where ferry boats have been known to disappear, never to be seen again?

    Be careful, okay?

    I know...I'm full of it this morning, but I've had insomnia for a week now and have been rambling more than usual. Cut me some slack, k?

    Gonna go back and watch your video again; it really was relaxing...I may be able to get some sleep...after...all...

  7. Looks like my twirly globe caught on. Everyone has one just about. A naysayer told me it was buggy. No, it's not. THEY had problems, not my globe.

    It tells me I am in Clinton..about 7 miles from here. Works for me.

    Have a fun trip..don't hurt yourself while tripping. I would truly love seeing the things in that area.

  8. Hello, Paul. I am also a friend of your friend Margaret. Although I am a scruffy old teddy bear, I am a good friend and hope you do not mind if I follow your blog as Margaret does. You have made her smile many times when she was not doing that very much, and that is a very good thing.
    Your photographs are beautiful and I hope you will show more of them here when you return from your vacation. I hope you have a grand time and that you travel safely.