Monday, September 6, 2010

Another Blog

First of all I am starting to write this on Labor day and for the first time in a few years I am not laboring. It is another gem of a day. I probably won't finish this today but I don't care. There surely is a feel of fall in the air. I don't know about anyplace else but the weather man (I say that because he was a man at least as far as I know.) said that September was the sunniest month and I can't wait for scenes like this.
The above photo was taken from a tower in the Mt. Auburn Cemetery about 5 years ago. I'm can't remember if this before the  peak color or post.

Ah politicians. Politics is a bit of a sport around here and the political ads are in full swing. We take a back seat to no one when it comes sneaky, underhanded shenanigans. John Kerry, our Herman Munster look a like senior senator bought himself a yacht. Hey why is there a ch in the word yacht and why don't you pronounce the ch? But I digress. I can't remember how many millions of dollars it cost him, but the media found out and they also found out that he had docked the yacht in Rhode Island. Docking it there gets him out of paying a Massachusetts tax, I'm not sure which one. There are so many. He also didn't pay the excise tax. That's a tax on any kind of vehicle. If you buy a car they charge you an excise tax every year. I suppose they feel they just don't have enough of your money. He was asked why the yacht wasn't docked in Boston Harbor since he has a residence in town or why it wasn't down at his little summer shack on Nantucket. He said the yacht was down in Rhode Island because the company he bought it from is there and it's there for "maintenance". According to reports the boat has been in the harbor several times and the law states that if you make an out of state purchuse and bring it into the state within 6 months you owe money. It's the "You bought something out of state and we want more of your money tax." This has forced me to postpone my yacht purchase. It cost him, or actually more correctly his wife Teresa Heinz, yes, of ketchup, fame a cool $7,000,000. He owes the state about $500,000 for the one tax and $70,000 for the excise tax. I don't even know what excise means. 

Also concerning politics. One of the three people running against our incumbent governor "forgot" to pay some taxes. Whoops! The best one is the guy running for state auditor. You know the person who is the watch dog making sure that there is no funny business with the states books. He didn't pay some income taxes. Whoops again! He said it was just an"oversight". You can't expect the auditor to remember to pay his taxes every year. Government. What a racket!

Canterbridgian Tales.
Canterbridgians are what people from Cambridge Ma. are called. I have railed against the people of Cambridge many times and to be fair not everybody in Cambridge teaches or goes to Harvard or are decendence of the people on the Mayflower. Most are regular people, but you can spot the pompous stuffed shirts a mile away. Where else can you see a guy in a tweed jacket with the elbow leather elbow patches wearing a pith helmet. 
Where else can you see a
pruney, pasty white, 70 year old woman who looks like she's a refugee from the Mt.Auburn Cemetery across the street shopping for her brie and merlot wearing a little tennis out fit. Who wants to look at those Rand McNally road map twigs you call legs. And please! Don't bend over! Then there was the lady who came to the counter. She was nice enough as she bought her turkey and ham. Then she annouced that she wanted some cheese. I suggested the Land O Lakes American which was at a very good price. $2.99 lb.
She replied, "My dear I never buy anything that's processed!"
Yeah right except for the ham and the turkey.
Still I have a soft spot in my heart for Harvard Square. I spent a lot of my teenage to early twenties there because it was and still is such a hip funkey place. It was the place to buy records and clothes and maybe a mind altering substance or two. I got to see the band Chicago before they were famous on the Cambridge Common. The same with Alice Cooper. There were free concerts every Sunday on the Cambridge Common. Neither band is a particular favorite of mine but it was free and they were unknown at the time.

Well that's all I got in me for this go round. The week ahead looks to be beautiful weatherwise and I still have two more days off coming to me.
Hey I finished and it's still Labor Day. It's 9 in the evening but I finished so I think I'll post now.
I'm done.
I'm outta here.


  1. Love the wannabe Fall photo for this Fall. I see you were busy changing blog too. I wasn't in the mood for physical work either lol. I wonder if the guy or his wife is legal and has a documentation number board on his yacht? Big fine if he leaves the harbor. I know someone who makes them ;-)
    Nothin funky here except Harold's outhouse. Have ah great week Paul!!!!

  2. I like the new look for your blog. You do have a way with words. I have been laughing reading this. :-) Enjoy your days off and for heaven sake don't eat any of that processed cheese. Have a ham sandwich instead.

  3. Hope you enjoyed your first free Labor Day Weekend in awhile. Hang in weather is just ahead. However, Farmer's Almanac is calling for cold Winter, but not much snow.

  4. I love your new look here too. Loved your blog also. You really have a wonderful sence of humor. Have always liked that about you and that photo . Five years ago. Fantastic.
    More. !!

  5. Loved the blog. I always do but this one especially entertained me. Your take on politics and politicians always ALWAYS makes me smile. No..laugh out loud!

    The Admiral said she indeed does sing Volare and will do so just for you, at the foot of your bed or better still, her fave..on your head at 0500. Stand by till she gets there. Might take time as those security check points are a pain in the tail she said.

    The Fall colors from before are breathtaking!!

  6. It has me from a town 7 miles away. How far is your "new" town?

  7. Blessings...
    Bloody maverlous shot, love it!

    Have a fab weekend

  8. Ahhhh...did you smell it, too, Paul; that dis-stink-tive odor of another approaching election year???

    Have you been getting any of those anoying political phone calls yet? Now, THERE'S a blog and a half! I would love to be a fly on the wall if you picked up the phone to answer such an incoming message on your answering machine (if you have one of the darned things).

    Gee...what would Paul say???

    Hmm...I think I'll make bracelets with WWPS spelled out in beads. If I do, I'll share the profits with you. Maybe we'll be able to dodge taxes like the big guys did.

    What do you say? Deal?

    You're a good egg; now go out and get some great photos before the weather changes!