Monday, March 27, 2017

Computer dead. Wait! It LIVES!!!

I was going to go next door to Arlene's. It's Friday night. I was going to bring my laptop and we were going to view some videos of us driving around on the Island. It cheers us up. The weather has been particularly crappy so I bought a bottle of wine, gathered up my computer paraphernalia, shut down the computer and headed next door. Long story just a little bit longer, I set the computer up on her dinning room table, went to turn it on and it was dead. I changed plugs, took out the battery and it was still dead. Naturally I was upset, still it was ten years old and I got much use out of it and as George Harrison said, "All things must pass". I decided to check out some new laptops the next day. I went to Staples and Best Buy. I was not thrilled with Windows 10. I had to decide whether I should attempt to have it repaired and if it could be repaired would it be worth repairing a ten year old machine.

Now I'll leap forward to Sunday morning. For old time sake I gave the old girl another shot and whaddya know? It turned on just like old times. It's amazing how much I depend on my computer for so many things and how I missed it even though it was only out of commission for a day and who knows how long it will hang in there.  Anyway I'm glad I didn't have to purchase a new machine and I think I should research some Apple machines.

Now as a subplot to all this, a trip to Staples is pretty much a straight shot from here. However getting to Best Buy is another thing. I don't know if you have rotary's where you live but here there are quite a few. They can be tricky but none are as notorious as Santilli Circle. Mileage wise Best Buy is not much farther than Staples but you have to negotiate practically the entire circle to get to the store. Well there's a lot of construction going on around here particularly in this area. They're building a casino about a mile from the Best Buy so there's roadwork and lane shifting, lane closures. If you're not in the right lane for your destination, guess what? You're going someplace else. Ya know we people from Massachusetts don't have a good reputation as drivers around the country. Maybe a bit aggressive? Well there are reasons.  Places like Santilli Circle are a very good reason why you become aggressive. And putting a Casino on Boston's doorstep seems like an insane idea. How are all these people going to get around? There are supposed to be a lot of smart people around here, but they weren't too smart when they laid out the road system.  I love/hate living in the Boston area. There are so many of us crammed in a small area. Below is an areal view of Santilli Circle. All the arrows are mine. Pay no attention the black line. The red ones are supposed to be my drive to the store. The blue ones are other cars entering the rotary and the yellow arrow is the direction I ended up taking because I couldn't get in the proper lane to take the exit to the store. And notice that as soon as you approached the exit for the store you had better hope nobody is entering the rotary as you try to exit it.    

 I had to drive almost two miles up the road to find an intersection where I could turn around and head back. There is also the possibility of getting stuck in the innermost lane of the circle, orbiting for an indeterminate time until you can make your break or die trying.  Oh do I feel bad for out of towners.

Well that ride from hell didn't result in a new computer and hopefully my old buddy here will keep kicking for a while yet. Now it's time to start thinking of supper, but then again I always think of supper.

I'm outta here.



  1. What a trip! I would NEVER be able to navigate that circle! YES! When you do need to buy a new computer, definitely check out the Apple lines. I know by 37 years experience that you will love one. Lots of support out there as well. When I started working with Cooperative Extension in 1985 Penn State Un. started with them and has never changed. That should tell you something.

  2. Yikes Boston Boy, we call those round abouts here. None in our town but towns south of here put them like they were the best invention since the wheel...asses... now they want to ticket anyone not using a turn signal exiting them. Good lord if people could have counted to 4 in the first place they could do 4 way stops....I do not think round abouts save that much gas. It's who will be more aggressive that goes first....or who can afford more insurance. I can not even begin to believe they are making a casino there. Why do people not do the roads first??? Those same towns south of here built up so quickly....then it's dig, dig, dig to get new sewers system in and roads. And all the time , all that concrete....where is the run off of waters?? Get it? always something. Glad your computer got it second wind. :):) Blessings my friend, xoxo, Susie

  3. Blessings:
    Computers, *sigh.....
    I tend to let my fingers do the walking and my mouth do the talking via phone before I go out. First question, do you price match.

    Just so you know, Best buy is not the best buy. Staples are not much better. I tend to go into the city where computer shops are all in competition with each other and they custom the outer to your needs and it does not cost me more that the bundles that have stuff I don't want or need.

    Glad your puter is working again. Although I must say, it's time to back up your stuff pronto because that's usually the sign that it's on its last legs.